January 30, 2010

Quicker is slower.

Posted in Musings tagged , , at 8:00 am by Aduial of WrA

Something Chastity posted up at Righteous Orbs got me thinking.

What is it with people and their desire to burn through instances as quickly as possible, whether practical for their group or not?

It doesn’t just happen at 80, either. So many times I’ve seen similar while using LFD levelling up.. It’s silly. Sure, fine, be in a hurry… But why order people to hurry? It does no good, in fact it often ends up doing the opposite. And are badges or experience, or heaven forbid the [Sack of Useless Vendor Trash], really worth all the hassle of trying to force a run to go quicker?

I will admit, I’ve sometimes been one of the people having a DPS tank if we have none or if ours is DC’d–but under certain conditions.  The DPS that is usually asking to tank is my guy on his warlock, the one I’ve two-manned instances at level with before. I know I can heal him, I’ve done it a lot, I’ve done it while dual-boxing both accounts because he’s at college and I can’t sleep or have some unexpected downtime. If he could queue as tank, he would, and I’d support it because he’s better than a lot of the ones we’ve had, and he’s ended up doing it before because the tanks are just that bad anyway.  But I don’t let him do this if we have a capable tank who DC’d, if the tank we have just AFK’d for a couple minutes, or if I just plain don’t think I’m capable of healing it.

So why would a healer who can’t even keep designated tanks up demand one of the DPS tank instead? Chances are you’re going to wipe, and you’ll have to run back or at the least rez everyone else, and either repeat that same process or wait for a tank anyway. What if you get a tank or your tank comes back during this? You’ve just wasted time. But either way it doesn’t get you really any closer to the end goal, anyway, it just causes more stress on everyone.

And most people are going to be making the instance as fast as possible, anyway. What good is there to rush people, by telling them “quickly plz” or “gogogo?” The most likely scenarios are A) Everyone slows down just to spite you, or otherwise goes out of their way to make it slower, or B) Everyone does try to go quicker, and get flustered trying, end up making mistakes which cause wipes which slow the whole process down.

Which of those serve the purpose, unless it’s to try to make the run go slower, because the most likely outcomes do just that. Or at least, the most likely outcomes if people pay attention and react to the words–I’ve been in heroics on my hunter where everyone just ignored them and nothing changed… In which case, wasted words, why speak them?


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