January 30, 2010

Tales from PUGland

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I have to wonder what the heck people are thinking when they hit that little button to accept to go into a dungeon with (usually) 4 other random strangers they may or may not ever meet again. I’m usually lucky and it’s only three strangers, since I queue up with my guy, but even then, two players a group does not make. Unless he’s on his tank I usually groan or whimper, depending on how our last groups have gone, and have the fleeting urge to run away from my computer instead of tapping the button.

Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised, and find myself wanting to go into another dungeon quickly in hopes of getting another good group… Other times, and I’m sure anyone who’s used the new LFD system can understand, I want to stay far far away from dungeons for the rest of the night, at the least.

Is this true for every role, or just those rather dependent on having a capable tank? I’ll admit, since I retired my tank before the new system, I haven’t experienced what it’s like on her. On my hunter it’s usually a little less stress than on any of my healers, unless I have a bad healer to boot; if I have a good healer I can offtank a mob (or three) and survive fairly easily, but if the healer’s bad I’m going to die and I know it the moment I see the mob giving me a funny look.

Then there seems to be people who deign to make the group hard on everyone no matter how good it would otherwise be. Case in point? My level 40 druid healer and my guy’s level 40 warrior tank. We can’t random since it drops us into Mara which has mobs he can’t even hit yet–we tried and barely made it through after a long, hard, DPS-dropping-frequently run. So I’d went in and selected every dungeon below Mara we could queue for, and it drops us in SM Cath. Easy enough, right? ..Right?

We get dropped in with a warlock and a feral druid whose levels I can’t remember, and a level 45 hunter. Everything’s going fairly well, I’m just having to drop Rejuv on the tank every 2-3 pulls because he’s barely taking damage. The group’s been fairly friendly, not silent like a lot of the 80 runs seem to be, so I make an offhand comment about how I’m barely having to heal because he just won’t take damage. The druid and the warlock seem to have a chuckle at this, but for whatever reason the hunter, I suppose takes umbrage? Starts saying I need to heal… I say I am, when it’s needed. I don’t know if this hunter didn’t speak English or what, because we actually stop and try to explain this to her, all four of the rest of us. She keeps saying to “hael” (typo intended.)  Finally this hunter seems to understand and we go along for a few pulls, everything’s peachy. Then one pull, the hunter stands off to the side, waits until the tank’s got 6-8 mobs on him, I’m throwing out a HoT, the other DPS are doing their job… The hunter runs off to another group, stands in the middle, shoots two more mobs that didn’t pull from her running in, pet’s on another.

I’m sitting here, watching that, and the tank says, “Let her die, I’ll pick them up after.” So the four of us finish with our group, the hunter’s tanking a good 6 mobs herself (that she pulled, keep that in mind)… We’re standing here watching… Then the druid shifts out of cat form and tosses a HoT, saying how we’re horrible for letting the DPS die.

… What?

The hunter didn’t have to go pull another group and shoot more to make it a larger pull just because I’m not willing to waste my mana to keep HoTs up on everyone when they’re not needed. The tank and I knew what to do when the hunter dropped, I would’ve rezzed, we would’ve (hopefully) continued on without another incident. But now we have to support the hunter’s stupid act because if we don’t, the good DPS are going to die, because the hunter can’t tank all those mobs now that they’re attempting to DPS and heal.

Another case, Utgarde Keep, I’m on my 70 healadin and my guy’s on his 70 warlock. We’d randomed in, surprisingly with a rogue and hunter also from our realm, and an off-realm tank. Run’s going decent enough until we get to the dragon room, he has to be told to face the dragons away… He does after, okay… Then he bubbles. Himself. Sure, maybe he was taking more damage than he was quite used to since I’m having to heal everyone else that’s getting damage as well, but that’s a call for LoH, not a bubble. We make it through without anyone dieing, even though everyone else is now tanking, and I ask… “Did you just bubble?” Just to make sure, or maybe to give him a chance to BS, since at that point the most telling sign was the Forbearance debuff which now even Lay on Hands gives when used on oneself. Lo and behold… He admits he bubbled, and that he knows it drops aggro. Says he’s too high to click right.

… Okay. It’s just trash, hopefully he won’t be as bad on the boss. Right? Wrong. We wipe, horribly. We run back, try again, this time I get iceblocked off the bat, and he drops again like a sack of potatoes, while the warlock and hunter continue trying to offtank and me healing frantically before we wipe again. Vote kick the tank, wait a while for another… Get a DK.

Now, I will say that despite there being an overabundance of Death Knights, I do find good ones (and they exist) fun to heal. I know when and how they drop, how fast.. I can time my heals perfectly, it’s just the right amount between sitting there waiting for something to do and healing my arse off trying to keep everyone alive. This tank comes in, we’re excited, there’s idle small-talk as he makes his way, including a comment about how we don’t have to worry because his main’s the best tank on his server. So I’m thinking it’s going to be the kind of healing I’m used to, without any more problems. I was so, so horribly wrong.

This new guy takes 50% of his health… per hit. Per hit! Somehow I keep him alive for a bit, while healing everyone else as needed, bubbling myself out of the icetombs to keep on top of him.. But it’s not enough, and we wipe. And again after that. But we finally get him down, despite blaming me for the failures, and we pull a few trash… only for him to die. By this time, I’ve been talking with my guy per usual with each run, but also the rogue who’d whispered me, who had apparently been talking with the hunter whom he knew prior. I’ve been too busy watching the little green bars to notice: The DK hasn’t been using any of his skills, the DK’s gear is mostly 10 levels below him, the DK’s gear is DPS gear not tank gear in the least (even for a DK). We try for 20 minutes to kick this DK before we give up on doing that, and someone asks him to drop because we kicked the last tank and now can’t kick him.

For two hours, we battle with this DK about this. This DK flat out says he will stay to force us to drop, as well as other insults, that he has been learning from the best DK on the server and that it is in no way his fault, that we all fail, etc. Perhaps we should have dropped and regrouped seeing as the rest of us were from the same server, but we didn’t. We stood our ground, eventually he does see fit to leave, but after thoroughly insulting every one he could, defending that DPS gear is tank gear, and all around trying to make us miserable enough to drop first.

The next tank we got was wonderful and actually did her job (also: yay, warriors!), but unfortunately as she had just gotten to Northrend her gear was not quite up to snuff and we didn’t finish afterall, but we got farther with that one undergeared tank in less than an hour (all but starting from scratch since we ended up with respawns) than we did with two tanks in several.

Why would anyone go into an instance high? Why would they go in with these kind of mindsets, why would they want to make others suffer so they don’t get a debuff, why would they purposely make things more stressful than they have to be?


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