February 1, 2010

Off-spec needing in a pure PUG and a PUG with friends

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Spinks over at Spinksville wrote an interesting post, though I suppose the comments are as much a part of what got me thinking as the actual post.

In short, Spinks was in Trial of the Champion healing when the tanky trinket drops, which is the only reason she’s there, and she needs, only to lose it to a death knight. One of the comments asks if she would have passed to the tank, to which she replies no, she wouldn’t (with good logic, admittedly).  And as another commenter posted which is becoming increasingly true: All’s fair in PUGs.

Now, I’ll agree, when you’re in a PUG with 4 strangers, if you’re not out for your own head no one will be because rarely will anyone else in there care what you need or not, just whether or not they need something. But what if you’re in there with a friend or a guildy, perhaps more? I’d at least hope you and your friends have each other’s backs, but does that leave more or less room for the PUGed people to screw you over?

When I got the same trinket in ToC on my warrior tank, I was in there as DPS, with the guild’s main tank actually, y’know, tanking. He needed it too, and I was going to pass–He was the main tank, so I figured he should get first dibs since we were about the same gear level at that point anyway. He tells me to roll anyway, and I did, and won. He never did get that trinket to this day, and he still tanks, while I’m burnt to the point I rarely touch my warrior.

Of course that was back before we kept grinding out half-PUGed Naxx raids trying to teach new members every week the basic coordinations of raiding, so we didn’t foresee my getting burnt out to that point, but… Who did it help? Most of the time in those raids I was DPS, when I wasn’t I probably could’ve done my job just as well with the previous trinket I had, whereas he would’ve (and likely still would be) getting more and better use of it. But given my choice (he can be very persuading), I would’ve passed anyway; main tank vs. off tank, in my mind he got priority.

There were several times in said raids, a drop that was needed by all our casters would drop, including our healers a lot of times. Any time any of our healers needed something, all our caster DPS would pass, of their own choice. This was actually fairly telling of why I stay on WrA a lot of times even when I get frustrated with any aspect, when I don’t RP much on it–Even the 5-6 PUGed people, many of which we’d never seen before and never would again, would pass to our healers when it was a bigger upgrade for them than our healers. But this isn’t something that happens in PUGs these days, though I’ve still seen more decency coming from WrA and our sister-realm than most others in cross-realm LFD.

So what do you do if you’re queued up with a friend or two? Say, you’re a caster and you’re queued with another caster and healer you’re buddies with. Something drops you can all use, and normally you would pass to your healer–but you don’t know what those strangers are going to do. You can look at their realm tag and hazard a guess, but that’s far from telling–the two least decent people I’ve PUGed with were actually from my realm to my chagrin.

Would you succumb to the PUG mentality, all’s fair and each after their own? Would you pass to the person who needs it most, or someone you’d normally pass to if they need as well? A solution of course would be to all need, and if your friend needs but you win, just trade it to them–but if you fall into the PUG mentality, that little nagging voice at the back of your head would prevent you from ever typing /trade or hitting accept.


After posting this (quite a bit later, really) I realize I misconstrued some information. Spinks did in fact win the trinket, but was griped at by a death knight and called a ninja for doing so, even though the DK was also rolling for off-spec.

Apologies for not straightening this out sooner–The majority of my time to write is when insomnia strikes me or I wake up absurdly early, so I don’t always have the clearest mindset for editing. Sorry!


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