February 4, 2010

Fighting Burnout?

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I don’t know how many people who read this have experienced burnout on WoW but I know unfortunately a lot of people have. Just the past week or so one of my friends was looking over his friends list only to observe that most of the people he’d ran with on that toon’s life were gone. My guy’s observed almost all the healers he leveled his tank with are gone as well, and so have I on mine.

The past couple weeks there’s been a lot of people leaving either the game or the server on both sides of the faction lines; I’m not sure if this is a consistent thing and I’m just now noticing or if it’s fairly new. But it makes me wonder, how long have these people been burnt out? Why did they get burnt out, did they prevent it, could they prevent it?

Anyone who knows me in game probably knows how much I hate tanking things at level on my tank anymore because I got burnt out on her. I leveled her 1 to 80 as a tank and by the time she was 40 had two personal pocket healers with opposite playing schedules, both of which had my phone number and would wake me up if they needed a tank. My sister still has a video somewhere she recorded of my tanking all of Blood Furnace in my sleep because I couldn’t get away to do such (I know, I know, “turn off my phone,” doesn’t work so well when that’s the only thing that wakes me up and my wakeup calls come from it).

So by the time she hit 80 and I was tanking close-to current content end-game raids, I was burnt out on her… and I still tanked for a couple months after that any time someone needed. I ended up faction-changing my 75 hunter who’d been my first character as soon as I could (same week it became available) and have rarely touched my warrior since, still can’t tank things at-level on her.

Thing is, now I’m all but burnt out on my hunter who I never thought I could possibly get burnt out on, and she’s not even past Ulduar in raiding. Honestly? She’s not likely to get there. One thing I’ve learned from all of this is I actually don’t like having 80s as much as getting them there. So one of the ways I’ve fought burnout on the game as a whole is by leveling new alts… Lots of them. Thankfully the guy has chronic altitis as well so I still usually have company and a complementing pocket-whatever no matter what class I roll.

I also ended up PvPing a lot and playing the auction house as well as levelling which are two things I also enjoy. But, is it enough? Logging into WoW every day or however often’s all but become a chore. A couple days ago I ended up redownloading the only MMO I played before WoW and the guy downloaded it to his comp as well so we’ve been playing that more than WoW and I’m enjoying it again. I remember what it’s like to play something for fun rather than because that’s the only option or I have responsibilities to fill or I need to check auctions, or whatever.

Will I be able to get back into WoW after a break and enjoy it again like I used to? I don’t know. Maybe I only delayed burnout for a few months and I’m going to end up quitting too, but maybe not.

So how do all of you prevent burnout? Do you have any tricks to delaying it or do you just let it take you? Have you even felt it yet? Do you quit for a while and then come back, or are you gone for good? Would love to hear responses!


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