February 11, 2010

Plushies now, Blizz?

Posted in Musings, News, The Player Behind the Toon tagged , at 6:57 am by Aduial of WrA

As recently reported by Wowhead, Blizzard is apparently releasing new (real!) plush pets that come with an in-game version of the pets.

So far the only two available are going to be baby versions of the basic flying mounts–a baby Wind Rider bearing the Horde’s logo, and a baby Gryphon bearing the Alliance’s. Apparently they’re not going to be faction specific, so you could be accompanied by a baby Gryphon even if you’re an orc, or a dwarf with a Wind Rider.

Of course you can’t mount these… I’d think that a bit cruel, anyway, mounting a baby anything, pixels or no… but I think they’re neat regardless. Then again, I’m a bit of a pet collector, though it’s more spread out through my toons unfortunately so there’s no one with the big achievements (yet?).

Personally I think I like the Wind Rider best–maybe it’s because I play Horde, but even when I played Alliance I liked the Wind Riders… But I think the baby is absolutely adorable, even if the mount’s model in game could use some touch ups to bring it up to par with the current art. I also have to wonder, if these sell well, will Blizzard do more things like these? Perhaps every color of the mounts available, or different ones? If your faction’s ground mount were available as a plush, would you buy it? Would you buy it before or after you’d buy the ones available now?

I’d love to have real life versions of the mounts and pets I have in-game, myself. I’ve also heard people comment on the KT and Pandaren pets–why spend money on in-game items you don’t benefit from outside of the game–and I have to wonder, would they look differently upon these, or would they have the same attitude?


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