March 26, 2010

It’s a bright new day (and guild)

Posted in Musings at 2:57 pm by Aduial of WrA

Now that my morning has been made by not only my favorite blogger ever commenting on one of my posts (and being my first commenter) but by linking to here in one of his own, I figure it’s a good time to post a wee bit of a follow-up to my post in question.

When Tattered Legends started falling apart, two of my officers, tree-friend and magey-friend, took their mains to one of the newer “upcoming” raiding guilds that showed promise. Not long after, one of magey-friend’s friends, and one that we’d pulled into our raids at times, had started trying to form a solid, 10-man raid group out of some of the servers’ best small-guild and/or PUG raiders (or at least so it seemed from the information that was relayed to me). Magey-friend mentioned she would love to have me and the guy, thing is we were burnt on our mains, and at least for me, burnt in raiding altogether.

Well, not that long ago, some, ah, interpersonal drama happened in the ‘upcoming’ raid guild and my former officers left, only to join the guild of magey-friend’s friend who was setting up the raid group, who apparently opened guild doors and I either didn’t know it or hadn’t paid attention (I’m not sure they were ever really closed, actually…). Now, perhaps conveniently, while the guy and I had spent a bit of time away on another realm, we’d ended up coming back because he missed playing his warlock. The four of us have our own channel in game due to all of us having had alts, which weren’t promoted to a status capable of using Officer chat… and to this day we’ve kept using it to talk to each other. Well, magey-friend joined the guild first and was talking to tree-friend about it while the guy and I were on, and well. It appealed to us, so we ended up joining, afterall.

So far it’s been wonderful, and seems to be mostly if not wholly comprised of Person Bs, though the guy and I joined on toons that aren’t 80 yet so haven’t had a chance to raid with the guild as a whole. However, I have to say, my first impression: homygawd that’s a lot of people. Tattered Legends at its peak had around 100 toons, on ~56 accounts. This guild has over 240 members, over 100 accounts, apparently all of which are active (accounts, not necessarily each toon).

One of the first things magey-friend really said about the guild’s quality, social-wise, so far has proven true: It’s a lot like what we all wanted Tattered Legends to be. Even with that many people, just hanging around in guild chat has been a wonderful experience. Which is good since WoW has sort of become some chatting network for me throughout a lot of the day, since I’m one of those weird stay-at-home people (not to be confused with the people living in their basements without a job), and tend to load it up fairly early in the morning and keep it mostly in the background as I go about my day. There’s no huge pressure to level up aside from personal and the occasional friend wanting a friend to catch up to them, and overall everyone’s very laid back. There seems to be at least one raid of some sort every night, with the official guild raids happening once a week, lead by a friend of mine who ended up leading some of Tattered Legend’s raids who they somehow managed to snag (which is epically awesome). In fact most of the people we ended up relying on to fill our PUGed spots from our friends lists that are still playing are here, which is really nice. Magey-friend reports they’re able to one-shot everything up to Rotface (I think that was it? I’ve honestly never been to ICC myself so I dunno..), which gives up of actually making the realm not-so-last on raid progression.

So far it all seems like a pretty sweet deal. Perhaps not-surprisingly, the guy and I are actually getting excited about our toons getting to 80 and able to raid (both of us are 77 as of this post, so hopefully not too much longer!). I’m thoroughly enjoying the lack of stress of being in charge while still getting the other benefits, though that does make me stop and think about how I relate to a guild as a whole. One of the things I always tried to do as a guild leader was make the guild out to be something I would enjoy and be proud of being a part of, even if it wasn’t mine. I’m not sure if this translates very well and very poorly into being a guild member yet… One person has left since I’ve been there and although I didn’t know them, automatically I went through the whole process of trying to figure out who exactly just left, and wondering why. Feeling somehow responsible for the guild not being to their liking. I’ve also already donated just shy of 1k into the guild bank… Doesn’t really hurt my wallet, thankfully, but I know it’s because of the underlying sense of responsibility to the survival of the guild, whether it matters in the grand scheme of things or not. Maybe that sense of responsibility will make me into a great guildy, and maybe feeling too responsible will be my downfall. Who knows, I guess only time will tell…



  1. Tam said,

    I’ve actually been reading a while, I’m just sometimes a bit rubbish at commenting. Thank you for compliment though, and you’re very welcome for the link.

    Good luck with the new guild – sounds fantastic. My dinky Person B is very very dinky – the idea of 240 Person Bs together in a group … *mind blown*.

    • AduialOfWrA said,

      Well, at least I’m not the only one prone to lurk then! A bit ashamed to admit I don’t think I’ve ever commented on yours despite reading it faithfully and loving it; usually other people say what I want to say better than I think I could.

      Thank you! 240 is indeed a lot and last night it was up to 250 members, so it would seem like really does attract like, and it’s absolutely amazing. Even with 20+ people usually on at any one time, it still has the feel of a small, close-knit guild, and it still gets me a bit. So far I’ve been very, very lucky to find so many quality people in one place, since I always figured the only guilds I’d really fit in would be the small ones.

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