March 27, 2010

Where’d all the bad tanks go?

Posted in Tales from PUGland at 3:01 pm by Aduial of WrA

So I’ve been leveling (I keep having to retype that.. Am I the only one who always tries to spell it “levelling?”) my healadin again, which means I’ve been doing some dungeons, though I’m questing more than I have in a long time, as well.. And despite the normally long wait for a tank, most of them have actually been… decent. Or at least getting there.

There’s been a couple who’ve either had problems with aggro or healability, but they’re decidedly the minority in my latest experiences over the past few days. Honestly, aside from the DK who spent the first couple trash pulls in Gundrak with me scrambling just to keep him alive because he forgot to switch out of his DPS spec (things went much smoother after he did switch) and the warrior who I guess thought healers used rage too? because he certainly didn’t want to wait for my mana, my biggest complaint has actually been.. tanks that are too healable.

There was one tank in particular, yesterday, who didn’t have the best threat on trash, but it was bearable (and did get better on bosses).. Who I barely had to heal at all. I spent most of that run tagging along behind the tauren with the shield from portal to portal flailing away at the dragonkin with my wimpy little Blessed Hammer of Grace with Blessing of Might(!) on, because Blessing of Wisdom was just wasting pixels on my buff bar, stopping every few minutes to toss him a heal or deal with some of the raid damage from the casters’ AOEs. There was another run of the Violet Hold with a different tank and we actually got Xevozz.. you know, that annoying git you have to kite across the balcony-thing to keep him away from his balls of doom else bad things happen?.. I actually got to flail at him with my hammer as well, and we didn’t even get him all the way across the balcony before he keeled over in a mere 50 seconds. These weren’t even heroics where everyone just bumrushes everything and wins anyway.

Even the DPS seem to be better, though I usually notice tanks more on my healer. It’s been a real surprise, and surprisingly a pleasure, to plunk my little healer down into the LFD tool and wait for it to drop her into some random far-off dungeon lately. There’s even been a couple people wanting tips on how to improve, and accepting them graciously.

I have to wonder, why the change? The last time I did dungeons on Mani, mostly the same dungeons even, few were like what’s been the norm the past few days. I know it’s not universal–a couple guildies have had some bad heroics, and some have had some pretty ugly runs at lower levels.. So I can’t even pinpoint why, but I love it. Maybe I’m just lucky, but either way hopefully a lot of these people keep the attitudes they have now even once they’re 80 and heroics become lolroll… And maybe it’ll rub off, and dungeons overall will become a more pleasant experience.

One can hope, right?


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