April 8, 2010

And the first raid is… fail?

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:39 pm by Aduial of WrA

The guy recently brought his paladin out of retirement to gear up to play with mine who hit 80 not that terribly long ago, this time purely as retribution since he got burnt as protection and mostly as holy, so we’ve been spending a good chunk of our in-game time gearing them both up. Our new guild does “Gear runs” every Wednesday, although not terribly newbie friendly, since they consist of Vault of Archavon, Onyxia, and Trial of the Crusader all on 10-mans. We missed out on last week’s since neither of us were anywhere near geared, but he at least was determined to make it to this week’s, and thus me, and we both spent the past few days prior grinding out every piece of gear we could. There was another retribution paladin in the guild who was at about the same gear level as the guy who was a bit more lucky with drops but didn’t put anywhere near as much time in–in the end, the guy ended up just a wee bit more geared than he.

Last night didn’t, er, start off the best. We’d just gotten geared about half an hour before the gear runs were actually scheduled to start at 5pm server, and we were excited (or panicked for me, since I was tanking and fairly convinced I was going to fail flat on my face). Time rolls around, raid leader (who’s also a friend of ours and one of the things that convinced me to join this guild over my bank guild) starts getting everyone ready… Calls us out by name, says we aren’t geared, takes the other retribution paladin… Things don’t go over well. At this point tree-friend’s been on his shaman saying he can heal if needed and gets no acknowledgement whatsoever, magey-friend was tossed an invite just for logging in at the time, and we’re all chittering away in the channel we’ve had since we were officers in the same guild, because the guy at the least isn’t taking it so well, and I’m fairly upset for working so hard only to get shafted for a new tank who literally joined the guild in the minutes leading up to the raid going. Raid leader ends up saying in guild he’s taking the other retadin for VoA, the guy can come to Ony… At which point the guy goes off and closes WoW, just not wanting to put up with it. About 30 minutes later they’re finally pulling the last of the raid together, including the new tank who took my spot, and they’re looking for one last DPS, ask for the guy specifically, who ends up having me tell them “he’s busy” even though he wasn’t… They find a mage and off they go to Toravon.

Now I’ll admit, I’ve never seen Toravon… Last time I was in VoA, it was a couple days before they finally added him, so I don’t know the fight personally, just from what I’ve been told. Which is that it’s a DPS race because if they don’t have the DPS, whiteout will kill the raid. Well, they didn’t have the DPS. For the first wipe, magey-friend was the only one above 3k. A few others picked it up after that, but they never did down Toravon after a few wipes. There was a bit of surprise when they managed to down Koralon after giving up on Tora.

At this point, magey-friend’s been trying to talk to the raid leader, the guild leader has been apologizing profusely to the guy and blaming herself, tree-friend’s gone off to do things on his warlock, and I’ve been sitting here watching it unfold while finally eating a meal (I kinda skipped a few while gear-grinding, unfortunately…). Within a bit the raid leader says over vent they’re going to do Ony (who he’d earlier said they’d be skipping tonight), and that the guy is welcome to DPS it and that they can put me on whelp duty. I’m not particularly fond of the idea and the guy doesn’t seem to be either, but he really wants to raid, so he goes… and of course, I tag along. We get vent loaded up and sit there for a bit while magey-friend, the raid leader, guild leader, and the other officer I’m not very familiar with are chatting in the Officer’s Lounge part of it, and before too long we get pulled in.

We get apologized to profusely, by the raid leader himself this time. Apparently magey-friend informed him of how we busted our asses to be geared for this, and he’d checked our gear wrong (used wow-heroes cache instead of live, didn’t check the gear we were wearing). We end up accepting the several minute-long apology and they address a few other issues and about 15 minutes later than supposed to, Onyxia kicks off the ground.

Our raid composition sucked.

Five paladins, two shamans, two mages, and a warlock. Two prot, two ret, one holy paladin, two resto shamans, two frost mages.

Of course we take a while to actually get moving, since a good chunk of us are friends (some of us have known each other for over a year) and we goofed around a while, but we finally do get moving… Sort of.

The other tank was assigned Onyxia and the.. wardens? guardians? The “big guys” as we pretty much called them… And I was the offtank who was supposed to DPS until the whelps, then take them. I ended up tanking every single trash mob without taunting once… Just by DPSing. If I hit many buttons I’d pull, even autoswing generated a good amount of threat comparatively, but I wasn’t supposed to take Righteous Fury off (I made sure), so I went with it. We get to Ony and for a couple minutes wait for her to be pulled before it goes out over vent, “Somebody pull her, I don’t care who,” at which point I start to run forward to, figuring the other tank would just taunt off me and we’d be good… Except that magey-friend beat us to it, and got one-shot. But we made a good effort of it anyway, even though we all were holding back on DPSing since the other tank couldn’t hold our aggro if we did.

Phase 2 comes, she’s in the air, I’m running around gathering all the whelps, he’s on the big guys… or is supposed to be. He tried but it didn’t work out so well, and by the end it was just tree-friend on his shaman (who’d switched over to heal by our request before we started) and me tanking way more whelps than I should’ve been (people kept pulling more), 4 of the big guys, then Onyxia herself. We subsequently wiped, but I was a bit more confident I wasn’t going to fail miserably as a tank.

We all get back and ready to try again–this time I’m on Onyxia and whelps, and things start off.. well, much smoother. It was the first time I’d tanked Ony at 80, but I’d done it on my warrior back when I was doing things on her at-level, so I knew how to pull and place her, and that went well. We went to phase two like a charm, and things start off better, even though people are pulling more whelps I manage to grab most of them and keep taunting the rest off the two healers who kept managing to get aggro on them, the other tank’s up front holding the big guys… Half our raid dies to a deep breath, but we hold on, but then… One of the big guys just had to Blast Nova. They’re yelling on vent for all the melee DPS to run away from him, and the poor tank thinks… that means him. And tries to outrun it and… we fail. And wipe. And the guy disconnected.

We get ready to go yet again, and we kind of joke if the guy reconnects mid-fight that we’ve been fighting her this whole time and how could he leave us, and the ready check comes across, everyone’s ready but him, I pull… He reconnects in time to be killed. After one of our healers had disconnected in time to be killed by a deep breath. And we’re done.

We ended up trying four or five times in total before giving up, and never did get her down. The guy focused on how he had nothing to show for it but a repair bill he couldn’t pay yet. A lot of us had a lot of fun just with the vent chatter. Personally I ended up having enough fun because of that, that it didn’t matter if we downed Onyxia or not, several others seemed to be in the same boat, even hanging around vent (and some others joining in to try to join in on some of what they missed) after the raid to continue just chatting. A new rule even spawned because of it: If anyone makes the raid leader laugh convulsively in the middle of the raid they’re kicked; before or after only.

I was lucky it wasn’t retroactive, I suppose.



  1. Tam said,

    I don’t know what to make of this, to be honest. I think the *fail* would dent my *fun* but ultimately, since fun is the ultimate outcome here, since it didn’t for you, it sounds like – in its chaotic, deranged a way – a relatively successful evening 🙂

    Also grats on the tanking 🙂

  2. AduialOfWrA said,

    Thanks! It really was a boatload of fun for me and I was looking forward to doing more but I kinda ended up making a DK and tanking on her with a couple of the guy’s toons and… yeah, raids haven’t been happening for us unfortunately. And all our PUGs have been awesome, or at least tolerable, and nothing terribly blogging-worthy, so my blog’s just kind of been sitting here all sad-like…

    Thanks always for the comments! /hugs

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