April 28, 2010

Nothing is One Size Fits All

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One thing WoW certainly has today that, from what I’ve heard talking with my friends who’ve played a lot longer than I have, hasn’t always had… Is the ability to try everything. Now, whether that’s good or bad can be debated, and I’m not sure there is ‘one’ answer to that… I’m sure for some people, it’s good, and for other it could have actually been what drove them away from the game. Overall it seems to have been good as far as Blizzard’s numbers are concerned since enough people keep paying and playing for them to keep it up (and while I haven’t been keeping the closest watch on Cataclysm updates, what I have caught seems to say: yes, the overall trend of everyone touching everything if they want to is staying the same.)

These days, there’s raiding guilds out the arse… If you don’t like your current guild or how it’s progressing, you can /gquit and find a different one, and if you can’t, there’s not only server changes but you can just hop over to the other faction. There’s apparently been more than a few cases of people faction changing just to get a free ride through raids. So anyone can get that experience if they want. No, they may not be doing hardmodes… No, they may not be getting any kind of firsts… but they can do it, where from what I’ve heard that was a rare thing before, just getting the chance to raid.

When I started first getting high in levels I started hearing about Arena, and how it was the PvP that put battlegrounds to shame, that anyone who made it into the arena were the best of the best. That also is not the case anymore, though I can’t say whether it ever was from experience. Anyone with the gold and a partner can create a team and do some rated matches, quite possibly get some gear… Anyone can grab a partner and do skirmishes unless that’s changed since I last did them (stopped doing that since we usually ended up with the high-rated teams doing skirmishes for fun, and thus, got raped all ways possible).

So everyone can get a taste of everything, though it is written nowhere that they are guaranteed to succeed… yet somehow, somehow… Some people honestly seem to think if they pay Blizzard $15 a month, that gives them rights to be able to succeed without actually playing the game as intended. That may seem a bit misleading, so let me put a little background flavor with that.

One of the guildies in my current guild firmly believes all 71 points are supposed to go in one tree. He’s had several people, throughout at least two guilds, one of which being his class lead and one being a raid lead as well as a huge theorycrafter (also known as The Guy) tell him… no, that isn’t how it works, and that he would be much better off getting X instead of Y, etc… and refused. To this day has all his points in one tree on every toon, every spec. Now, I will actually give this man his props, he isn’t a complete idiot and can heal like this, somehow… The only person I’ve seen who can do his job adequately with 71 in one tree… which makes it all the sadder that he doesn’t maximize whatever he’s doing, because if he’s adequate now, he’d be damn good then. But I digress.

This person has his own way of doing things, obviously refuses to do different, usually makes up for it in skill. And usually, that’s fine… in PvE. However, he has recently took up Arenaing. How this comes to my attention, and it seems The Guy’s (who happens to be rather huge on arena… goes with his theorycrafting and knowing the ins and outs of everything in game, I suppose…), is the guildy suddenly exclaiming over guild chat how priests should be nerfed due to their burst, and specifically due to Mind Flay. The guy, of course, jumps in and tries to help, since this is one of the areas he has experience in and knows his shit… Only to get wrote off by further bitching, which… Dissolves into a huge fight over guild chat that drags on for quite a while. At this time we noted he heals instances better when he is arguing over guild chat than when he is paying attention, since at the time he and I and a retadin friend had been running a string of instances.

Nearing the end the guy has thrown out many suggestions, anywhere from respeccing and reglyphing for more survivability, to LOS, to other different tactics that could be used, down to even what the partner could do. Our guildy would have none of it. Best I can guess, he didn’t want to have to change a thing, but instead wanted the game to change to suit him. And then… And then he does something that I, perhaps, overreacted to, but I had been listening to this drag on for nigh an hour, and the guy who is usually excitable had been surprisingly nothing but helpful, with more patience than I have ever seen him have… the guildy insults him along the lines of ‘incompetent fool.’ I cannot remember the word word, admittedly, but it was similar, and the last was certainly ‘fool.’ And I stop the run to type a response, at which point our retadin friend actually comments in party that he is waiting for my long-arsed post… which does in due time come. And.. it seems.. had fallen on deaf ears anyway.  Within minutes that guildy became the first guild member The Guy had ever ignored in all his years of playing, and I finished the run a bit quicker than normal with intent to log out.

Now, perhaps I truly was overreacting, which was possible since it followed just a couple days on the heels of when that guildie had decided so thoughtlessly to tell me how one of my kinks is horrible and nasty and one of the most wrong things in the world (Discussions we won’t be having here: Anything related to kinks and/or how they are right/wrong/neutral/etc.). And yes, some interesting things do come across our guild chat, and it was never outright said that is one of mine, but he didn’t need to be so heartless or cruel, especially with the likelihood of ~20 people online that it’s at least I’d say about 4+ people’s kinks since it is a fairly common one. But for him to call someone who has been trying to help him, trying to give him tips on what to do, how to get better, a fool, because he didn’t want to change? I’d reasonably had enough.

World of Warcraft, currently, yes, you can do just about anything within it and have an honest chance. People can succeed or some reasonable facsimile thereof while not gearing or speccing for what they’re doing… to an extent. Blizzard has all but guaranteed there’s enough wiggle room for you to do just about anything you want and have a taste of playing with the big boys. But they have never guaranteed that you can or will like that. The guildy may get somewhere in arena, but he won’t make it to the top. He’s playing his game, not Blizzard’s, and will have to play their game to stand a chance high-end. Similarly with everyone, they can only play their game so long, and Blizzard gives them that. But they will never make it to the hard stuff, they will never make it to the top, unless they play WoW for what it is–Blizzard’s game, Blizzard’s design.

Note: This is not necessarily a vote for min/maxing or even really touching on that, though I personally have always believed that there is a standard ‘best,’ and then a personal ‘best’ that may or may not be the standard but is at least close and gives the best results for the player. And to paraphrase the guy as it actually came up during previously mentioned fight, WoW is a finite game, with finite spells and talents and abilities, there will be a ‘right way’ and a ‘wrong way.’


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  1. Tam said,

    God, the guy seems an immense waste of space – with his 71 squandered talent points (HOW does he even get into guilds?!) and his crassness on guildchat. I don’t really have anything helpful to say here. But I’ll share your GAH.

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