June 2, 2010

We shall be reborn and more powerful than ever

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:32 pm by Aduial of WrA

Hoo boy, been one heck of a month. Unfortunately, that’s meant that the blog has fallen to the side, with a bunch of drafts saved that still just won’t work themselves out into decent posts. One of the biggest changes over the past month has actually been fairly recent. As in, past two days.

As most know by now, I think, the officers of Tattered Legends and I are all still good friends and thus have stayed in touch, and all of us ended up migrating over to a different guild eventually, one that’s actually been in ICC. And every one of those officers has been doing ICC, except for me. For assorted reasons, there ended up being two raid groups for ICC, the second one with all three of my officers, one of which was the leader of it.

A couple days ago.. Monday, now I suppose.. they were raiding ICC, and apparently things didn’t, eh, go so well. Two paladin tanks, one was new, the other worked Hand of Reckoning into his rotation, and Ithraen noticed this thanks to the debuff… decided to call it out in vent, because he didn’t know who it was but saw it as a problem because of diminishing returns, and the new tank was told by the other tank that Ith was wrong and not to worry about it, and thus Ith got brushed off. Things went downhill from there and I still don’t have all the details, due to getting the story from Ithraen and one of my old officers that was there saying some things differently, but he and the other tank ended up getting a punishment for breaking the raid rules.

Well, the three of us had ended up all discussing things, and partly due to this, and the way it was all handled, among several other things, we kind of sorta decided to, well, revive Tattered Legends. I still have my 80 warrior in the old guild even though I rarely use her, and every one of the old officers have alts in there now that they’re leveling to 80 in a hurry (since they don’t want to give up ICC more than they have to), and we’ve got one of our friends from the other guild to pull one of his 80 alts out and into TL to tank for us… We’re going to be starting in Ulduar and progress up from there, into ICC itself. Considering we’ve told very few people uninvolved directly and already have 2 tanks and a healer prepared, I’d say we’re doing fairly decent.

And yes.. It looks like I’ll be leading again. Whether this is good or bad, well, I still have no idea, though it’d came up in the discussion how well Tattered Legends had been doing, up until the point we, er, ended up with a bad apple in our midst who managed to destroy us from the inside out. We have better communication now and I’m not as.. easily fooled, I guess I should say, and we all know more of what we want out of TL, so we all have high hopes for her this time around.

Not the biggest post this time, I know, but at least it’s something, and definitely more than I’ve been doing, and ideally won’t be the only post for as long as the last. In the mean time, I’ve got a guild bank to clear out and restock, ranks to redo, several alts to help level and gear up, and some rules to work out again, to say the least, so I’m going to go get on that instead of continuing to ramble on here.

Oh, and I apparently can pally-tank again, after some practice =).


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