June 6, 2010

The Drama Llama has arrived.. unfortunately

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:30 am by Aduial of WrA

Listening to that may help you get through this post. Or at least, laugh at it.

So last night I got home and got online, only to… immediately get a whisper from Silveran, aka magey-friend, that some major drama was going down in Smoke and Mirrors and to tread carefully. And yes, most censorship is pretty much going out the window in this post, for various reasons, but mainly because it doesn’t matter since the ‘offending party’ is no longer carrying the same name anyway.

Basically Silveran had had his raid team pulled from him for various reasons, some indeed his fault, had started talking to a friend about it, friend went off on the main raid leader (hereforth also referred to as Ari) and guild leader (unintentionally since she went into that channel at the wrong time from what I was told, and overreacted) before he had anywhere near the whole story… Long story short, they both got kicked, and it all could’ve been avoided. I’ve seen screenshots of most of what happened and ended up talking to Ari for about 4 hours about it… and it, apparently, is still going on. Since Silv got on earlier today and found out he was being put on blacklists. He’s now on a different realm with a different name, unfortunately.

Most of us ended up getting blasted in one way or another due to it, blame’s being thrown around everywhere, when, really, everyone should have just gotten their asses out of their heads sooner. Silveran was not required one bit to pour his heart out to the guild and tell them what was going on in his personal life, he was not required to tell them anything was wrong with it especially if it wasn’t relevant and he was still capable, the guild leader should have done HER job instead of slacking off and putting it off to having ’19 suitors that are taking up all her time,’ the main raid leader should have made double-sure everything was communicated instead of just doing things willy-nilly while only talking to the people whose skirts he’s chasing, and yeah I suppose the rest of TL’s officercore should’ve said something when we noticed things going south but it really wasn’t our responsibility to betray a friend’s trust for shit like that.

The guild leader should not have acted on a possibility, though she should have been prepared for it. She should’ve waited to see the final decision, which I’m sure she would have known about, and then acted. She should have also kept a tighter leash on her raid leaders in the first place instead of letting them go ahead and do something she’d told them not to. The main raid leader should go ahead and get his head out of his ass sooner than later, because choosing later is causing him a whole boatload of hurt, and he knows it. Silveran should’ve treated things more like the apparent SnM-raids instead of trying to let others have fun (and apparently he should be able to stop whisper drama. He’s omniscient, who knew?) as well like we did in TL, and should’ve cleared his raid assists beforehand (even though I’d imagine everyone would’ve known who they were if they paid attention, like, at all.) Ith, apparently, should not have been Ith at all, since his personality is too similar to Ari’s and thus clashes, a lot.

Unfortunately I seem to be the only one seeing things like this, which may be good but by the looks of it is very, very bad. Everyone went off without having all the information, without trying to get all information, they overreacted, and oh how dare they have to be in the wrong and apologize for it, oh no. And how dare they only have one face! Granted I wasn’t the clearest on what I knew ahead of time, but knowing who I was talking with things went better going in “Okay, so what happened?” and getting both sides then revealing the clashes that I know are there because I have proof works better than “Okay, I have the screenshots, and you are a fucking prick, how dare you” or something similar. And I could’ve done things a lot better than even I did, but even I didn’t have all the information. Where they felt left in the dark by not asking Silveran, I was likewise kept in the dark on their end despite asking. Heck, their raiders don’t even know what raid schedules are half the time because there’s so many secret agendas.

Long story short, I suppose, is the drama llama has arrived and not only spit on our faces but is riding us up the mountain. Oh, and most of our people are no longer in SnM, and I’m only in it for the time being while waiting for things to settle down.



  1. Eric said,

    *leashes the Drama Llama and ponders steak*

    I… Don’t really have anything to say regarding this, other than I’m sorry Silv left the server. I genuinely liked that guy, and it’s rare for people to make such a good impression on me right away. Gonna miss him. =(

    *ponders again, then grabs duct tape and secures Mani to WrA* There. *dusts hands*

    • Well, we’re staying for now, at least, though if I wasn’t mistaken if we pulled Tattered Legends as a whole everyone would be able to go =P.

  2. Tam said,

    Ye gods – the fact that I read through this and had *no idea* what was going on probably indicates the sheer depth and scope of Teh Dramaz.

    Ouch. Just ouch.

    • There’s been a -lot- and it’s been one heck of a week, but thankfully, hopefully *fingers crossed*, things are finally calming down. I would’ve posted more details but this was in large part just ranting and venting to help myself sort through things in my head rather than a complete recount of it all, and at this point I’d rather it all just be done with so we can get on with our WoW-lives.

      On the plus side (as much as there could be any, I suppose), everyone that had alts in Tattered Legends and their mains in SnM to raid on both have migrated fully back to Tattered Legends thanks to this, and it gives us more time to prepare before going all-out again.

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