June 23, 2010

Finally a mouse!

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:39 am by Aduial of WrA

So I finally got a mouse today (or yesterday since it’s 5am here…), which means there was finally a point in redoing my whole UI and basically rebuilding from the ground up, since… I’ve essentially been playing the majority of my WoW career via a laptop touchpad, and my current one is starting to wear out on me.

So a couple days ago I ended up finally ordering one of these little beauties, partly due to a recommendation from The Guy and partly because, well, I was wanting a trackball anyway and just couldn’t decide. And it finally got here today/yesterday, and it is absolutely awesome and made of win and fluffy rainbow unicorn bunnies, or something, but it is so much luff it’s silly.

I’d had an “ideal UI” in mind for a long time now, at least where my healers are concerned, but I could never do it before since I, well, didn’t really have a mouse to click and it would require quite a bit of clicking. I also could not locate no matter how hard I tried several of the addons I was wanting/needing to make my ideal UI dream become a reality.

So today I ended up deleting something like 10 addons, and turning around and downloading, like, 5 right back. Bartender went in for my bars, Shadowed Unit Frames for my target/focus frames, Vuhdo for all my other frames… And then I couldn’t find the last two I needed, so I bit the bullet and stopped and asked (one of my friends actually commented “and I thought guys were supposed to be bad at stopping for directions” about my reluctance to actually ask someone what they had) the wonderful magnificent almighty Tam what he used to make the black bar at the bottom and to move his map down into the lower right corner, and… Lo and behold, I should have done that months ago instead of beating myself over the head trying to do it solo. So I promptly downloaded Btex and SexyMap, and voila!

SexyMap? Psht, the sexiness goes so far beyond the map it's silly.

SexyMap? Psht, the sexiness goes so far beyond the map it's silly.



  1. Tam said,

    Ah! It is a thing of beauty your UI!

    • Thanks! And much thanks again for helping me build it!

      I’ll probably take another screenshot when I’m in a raid since the middle section will be more filled and it’ll show how I’ve got my combat text stuffies set up, as well as I have at least one bar that disappears in combat…

  2. […] There is beauty in simplicity.. And I have found it. The Girly and I had a bit of a project, one that I kind bandwagoned into. With 3.5 a lot of her addons were made useless, so.. she went about the menial task of doing, well, this. […]

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