June 28, 2010

Hackers need to die. In a freaking FIRE or pool of acid or something equally horrific.

Posted in Guild things, News, Tattered Legends at 10:18 pm by Aduial of WrA

No, I didn’t get hacked, but our raid assist did. About 10 hours ago, by the looks of things. Went through every single one of their alts and took everything they could.

Subsequently we’ve lost several thousand gold worth of items, including BOEs, plans, flasks, feasts, etc.

Yes, we already have a ticket in, and we’re doing all we can, but this is so.. so.. GAH.

And yes yes I know it will be alright eventually and that Blizzard will restore everything and that we should have had better security and an authenticator before and to not get upset because supposedly that lets them win or some shit but quite frankly I do believe I have every right and am justified in being pissed and upset and frustrated that everything is gone and that we even have to go through this stuff.

Also, we were planning to have our first raid tomorrow evening and following through with it with a progression run Wednesday, but they took all of our feasts, flasks, etc, and what we needed to make more.



  1. Key said,

    I can sympathize with you here. Within the last couple of months, my guild has had quite a few people hacked. Two of which were two of our top tanks. Between hacks and people taking breaks or leaving the game, my guild is left with two tanks that still raid. It can really hurt progression – we still haven’t heard from the tanks since they’ve been hacked. Our guild bank has also taken a huge hit, but our raiding mats are on a tab only the raid leaders and assists can access and none of them have been hacked… yet.

    It seems like there has been an increase of hacking lately. I’m hearing a lot more stories like this one lately.

    • This is actually the first hacking I’ve heard of about on WrA in months, so it was just kind of really out of the blue, and we still don’t know how it happened since our raid assist barely did anything online aside from WoW and email, and certainly nothing suspicious, and nothing turned up from spyware/malware scanners. He’d been very almost paranoidly protective aside from not having an authenticator yet, which I suppose just kind of compounds on it all.

      I can definitely see how a bunch of hackings can drag a guild down especially if they’re important to your guild (we’ve only had 2 other guildies hacked in the history of TL, and they were DPS so easy enough to replace on raid nights until we could finish re-gearing them, so we were lucky there). I’m sorry to hear about how it’s getting you guys down, and sincerely recommend anyone in your guild in a top level position or access to the bank at this point get an authenticator (not perfect, but better than nothing by far).

      And love the idea for the raiding mats you guys have and sounds similar to ours; there’s actually only 1 tab out of 6 in our bank that people that aren’t raid assists/raid leaders/me can withdraw from though they can see everything, and just need to ask if they need something and we’ll get it for them depending on what it is, and it’s worked great to help keep out ninja looters… And would’ve prevented us from losing everything in our bank had anyone but my raid assist been hacked. One thing I’ve thought of doing again even though it’d require me on a pinch more, is disallow access for every tab for everyone, and re-enable access for my raid leaders/assists as needed (like a bit before raids). Could be a precautionary that might save your guild’s stuff if the guild leader’s on enough since you guys seem to have so many more hackings.

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