July 4, 2010

A partial week in the life

Posted in Guild things, Musings, Tattered Legends, The Player Behind the Toon at 7:49 am by Aduial of WrA

So this week was supposed to be the big come-back week for TL and all, but things have… Deeefinitely not gone as planned. For many reasons. Here’s a glimpse of why:

Sunday – Find out Ithraen, who is our raid leader, will be taking a sudden trip to New York in about 3 days. For a week. May or may not have internet access, though it seemed likely that he would.

Monday – Our raid assist is hacked. Almost everything is now missing from Tattered Legend’s guild bank, though thankfully our secondary bank was spared. Unfortunately all our feasts, flasks, etc are now gone. Put on hold the heroics spamming we were doing to help gear people up to do damage control.

Tuesday – Our raid assist gets his account back though things are still missing, and he doesn’t have enough gear to go. We start an ‘action plan’ that would have him geared enough to raid with us by raid time, only for Ithraen to bail for personal reasons, which left us with little option for gearing him in time. Queue about two hours of personal freaking out because for that time his hunter was the only person with the key to Malygos (who was the weekly). Not long before raid time I find out our main healer also has a key–yay, the raid is saved. Except then everyone’s late. Aaand we can’t down the boss. Queue discussions, and canceling of this week’s Ulduar runs in favor of heroic runs instead.

Wednesday – I end up spending a good chunk of the day offline, but make a point before getting on to start making “to do” lists again so that I can (hopefully) be more organized. Things start getting checked off exceedingly slowly (for example, I had planned a post for like.. Thursday at most). Get on and… heroics don’t happen.

Thursday & Friday – Again, spend most of these two days offline dealing with things in real life. By the time I got home Friday I also took time out of my schedule to start clearing out some of my heavily backlogged emails (up to about 2,000 unread since I have a bad habit of reading just the most important ones and leaving the rest to deal with “later”… and of course, later never comes). I’d subscribed myself some time in the past, little more than a year ago, actually, to several WoW email lists, mainly pertaining to different ways to get gold. Most of these have stopped giving tips and started “Oh, you need this guide, or that one, hey there’s a sale on this one!” and I usually just ignore them, but… I ended up clicking the link on one that gave away a free sort of ‘mini-guide’, which I ended up downloading, and… it actually gave good tips, including one that I’d discovered for myself about a month into Wrath and had never seen posted anywhere, as well as a tip pertaining only to RP servers, which I also never see. And since this one was on “sale” (I never believe they’re really on sale or going to hack the prices up since I’ve seen these falsely so many other times, but it was still a good..ish… price), I went ahead and bit the bullet, and got it. Of course, the money-back guarantee if I don’t so much as like the font helps. Start redownloading a couple recommended addons that I’d fallen out of using but used to have, as well as a new one that I’d only skimmed over before and had missed the utility in it, and trying to configure them and start scanning as well as read more of the guide. This ends up taking up most of my night.

Saturday – I had many things scheduled in reality as well as there was supposed to be Naxx at 4pm server, and ended up getting an.. extremely.. late start. I’d had alarms set to alert me when I needed to be on to start getting ready for Naxx (starting at 1 hour and 15 minutes before the start time) and they all failed me. Miserably so. Again. And so I didn’t get on until 2 hours after Naxx was supposed to start, to find out… Our raid leader who is now in New York but had promised to be able to make Naxx at least if at all possible had not even shown up, and hadn’t bothered to sign in for 3 days. So, of course, Naxx never happened. We’d also planned to sort of ‘test’ everyone in Naxx to see if we were up to Uld or maybe take another stab at Maly on Sunday, however that… doesn’t look like it’s happening, given that we didn’t do Naxx.

So now it’s Sunday and it doesn’t look good for getting a raid in tonight or… possibly even much going next week, at this rate, beyond possibly heroics which I am hoping for at the least. Thankfully, we’re working with an extremely patient group who are seemingly just happy for the learning environment and the chance, so it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting the flak there like I’d expected, though that doesn’t stop me from beating myself up over failing them, or my guild. And regardless of whether anyone else views it as a failure, not being able to pull everything together seemingly perfectly (and, oh, I do know that will never happen, but I know it can look that way to people who don’t know what goes into it and such), not being able to at least get us raiding somehow, or get something organized going without falling through the floor… I view that as a failure on my part.

Maybe I’m just impatient and wanting things to go perfectly from the get-go, or something. I know we have a lot of potential here despite being completely displeased with how things are going and at what rate (though I was one of the first during Maly to point out we were making significant progress with each attempt, and to an extent that was good enough for me), and maybe I should just relax and not rush things. I don’t know. Maybe I just worry and stress too much, as a very good friend of mine who I’ve been sort of venting to and bouncing ideas off of is quick to say, and that very much may be true… and I very likely should start listening to him more rather than being bullheaded and stubborn and trying to do everything myself and make it perfect. I know I’ve got a lot of friends here who would do anything they could for the guild and I just write it off sometimes and try to do it myself, and I stress when I can’t be on like I want to, or think I need to, to do X or restock Y or talk to Z about N, even though real life should take priority and does over it. Or maybe this is all normal and I just need to ride it out.

Anyone else gone through any of this, or anything similar? Any thoughts, suggestions, comments… criticism, help? I know I’m not the best at this job, but I want to do right by my guild, and I know I don’t give the most details here, but… I think I could definitely use a bit of structuring to fit this role.


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  1. Eric said,

    You know if I’m on and not healing the pocket-tank on Sura, I’d help gather mats or lasso people into groups for heroics/raids or whatever. As far as the stressing goes… Yeah, you’re the guild leader, but you cannot control when others log on, or if they are free to do something specific, or whatnot. Basically, you have to take into account the randomness of “other people”. There really is a trick to not stressing over that – it took me years to figure out how on my own.

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