July 12, 2010

Rambling thoughts about writing in the meantime or the possibility thereof

Posted in The Player Behind the Toon at 12:53 am by Aduial of WrA

Warning: Rambliness that may not make much sense incoming.

So, right now I am WoW-less. I’ve actually been WoW-less since the day the RealID debacle occurred, though they are… mostly completely unrelated. It actually started a couple days or so before that went down; over a couple days my latency slowly started rising. It’d go up from what was, usually, 200-400, to over 500… Eventually on over 5,000… Then the day or so before I ended up WoW-less, it was around 50,000. Then the disconnects started happening… and at first I’d be able to login, play a for a little bit in slowly decreasing amounts, then get disconnected again. The night the RealID shit hit the fan, ironically also the day I’d gotten my authenticator attached to my account, the disconnects were almost unbearable. I’d get on for maybe 5 seconds then get disconnected. Before the night was over, I couldn’t get past the loading screen before disconnected. Within a day I wasn’t able to make it to the loading screen, and by now I can’t even make it to the character selection screen. The dialogs are basically, “Connecting… Success! You have been disconnected.”

Now, the part where it relates to RealID, is because thanks to all of that I have been sort of bummed out on WoW as a whole. I was able to deal with not having WoW fairly well, despite knowing I needed to be on for various reasons from dailies to my mail that’s about to expire to setting up raids to putting them on the calendar to attending the raids to finally getting the guild bank contents back (again) and needing to sort them into tabs to… just normal, every day guild master/player stuff. Though I’m starting to want back in now and… still can’t, which really sucks… and likely won’t be able to until tonight if I’m lucky after I call my internet provider, since it isn’t just WoW but my internet itself.

Unfortunately I’m left with overall little to do, not just WoW, but even all of my friends, I can’t really talk to right now. I was able to get on facebook for a few minutes earlier today before my connection dropped out, but my friends were all offline or asleep… And a lot of the conversations with the friends I talk to on MSN have been cut out, or all about WoW or such which… isn’t really what I want to discuss at those times much less be the equivalent of getting my arse chewed off because I can’t get on and do X,Y,Z or whatever. I know theoretically I could just call some of them or text or something, which texting I would normally resort to next (talking on the phone isn’t really my thing, you see), but right now that’s quite a pain in the arse considering my fingers aren’t the most, er, stable on a touchscreen phone due to some of the medication I’m on to get rid of the infection I’ve gotten, and even if I were to talk I’ve been told from the one person I’ve talked to that my voice is rather, ah… mumbly and mostly unintelligible.

That leaves me with mostly only things I can do by myself, so I’ve been playing a lot of games I’ve gotten through gamehouse, but those don’t really do the trick. Gives my mind too much time to wander around in thought which gets me daydreaming which either gets me sleeping or, as it is currently, gets me wanting to write. But I haven’t the faintest clue, really, what to write about.

I’ve got a couple stories floating about that I’ve ended up abandoning because I, well, basically lost all motivation to write on them and/or forgot the plot entirely… so those don’t seem the best option unless I want to completely rewrite them and hope I remember where I was going on them in the first place. I don’t have much of an idea to start a new story, just, well, an urge to write something, be creative somehow, if that makes sense to anyone else. I know writing something about/set in WoW could always be an option, and works for people such as Tam with his I, Gerald story, as well as several others, but I’ve never really seen the point there (despite regularly RPing in WoW, and I know that’s essentially the same thing just with multiple people writing, but for whatever reason there’s a distinction, some sort of wall, between RPing in WoW and actually writing WoW fanfiction, in my mind). So I seem to be fairly fresh out of ideas/options.

Does anyone else out there ever have these moments? Don’t know what to write about, but still want to write? What do you do when that hits? Anyone have any suggestions, or options or ideas of what to write about or something to do? Thanks for any feedback! 🙂

/Crosses fingers, hits publish



  1. Alas said,

    I totally get that, actually. Especially lately – I have stories I should be finishing up, a blog I can ramble on all I want and even a toast I need to be writing, but despite all of that – I’m like, ahh, I want to write but I don’t know WHAT.

    For me, I’ve found it’s helpful to try a genre I’ve not tried before. I mainly dabble with SciFi/Fantasy, but when I need to write something, anything, I might try a thriller, or a Western- heck, I have a whole FanFic that is labeled WoW but is really me playing with the romance genre. I think this go-round, I’m going to play with one of those action sorts of books, with the regular Joe fighting against government corruption or somesuch.

    Either that or I’m going to reread everything by Brandon Sanderson and cry about how I’ll never be such a good writer. Either way.

    • Alas! 😀

      That sounds like a pretty neat idea and might work, actually. I’m going to have to give that a shot, now to just figure out which genre to dabble in. Hmm…

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