July 19, 2010

Why, euro-blizz, why do you hate me so

Posted in Guild things, Musings, Tattered Legends, The Player Behind the Toon at 5:02 pm by Aduial of WrA

As a bit of a, er, preamble I suppose, I’ve been tempted about having two WoW accounts for a good couple of years now; and I don’t just mean two US ones, since I do have that already though one’s frozen since I didn’t play it much at the time, but a US one and an EU one. I’ve had many friends over on the EU servers, one of which especially who tried to get me to play over there so that I could play with him, but at the time we didn’t figure my computer/internet could handle the latency (since I am located in the US), so instead he ended up getting a US client and US copies of the game. I’ve been tempted several times since, especially because of the SAN over there since several of my favorite bloggers are in the EU, and because I finally had a bit of downtime today (yay insomnia?) and have a computer/internet connection that should be capable of it… I somehow ended up over on the EU site, creating an account, and downloading the trial.

I’d planned to see just what kind of latency I’d be looking at exactly before making any further plans, much less, you know, spending money on something I might not even be able to use. Well, apparently the trial version streams the data needed live, or something, so there’s a lot more, ah, stress on it than on a full client? I’m not entirely sure since those messages sort of, well, confused me a bit… but I ended up getting DC’d a few times and having general problems with logging in, but I finally managed that, then finally managed to make a character before it DC’d me, named her and whatnot, finally got into the game…

Level 1 went… fairly smoothly, actually. I’d made a warrior, pretty much a mini-Kas, fitting since she was my second character and the name of my first was taken (/cry). The lag was surprisingly minimal, I had good FPS, and my latency was actually lower than on WrA. Not sure how that happened, but eh, I wasn’t complaining. Was actually starting to think I might just use the EU account as a way to sort of wind down  instead of Bejeweled or Chuzzle or Solitaire like I currently do, and that I might actually play it enough to make it worth paying for.

And… Ding, level 2!

Wait, disconnected? Bah.

I put in my information again and hit login, and… What? I’m banned? What the hell for?!

I couldn’t think of a single thing that could ban me that I could find, though maybe I’m just blind or so out of it that I just missed it, but I don’t know. I was on the EU client it gave me, my information was accurate, I didn’t even have any addons or the like, I’d not said a single word or done anything that would get me banned, unless just… playing from the US is a bannable offense, all of a sudden? Though I can’t imagine it would be since I know of many others that do it, did a few searches and couldn’t find anything aside from forum posts that were just ‘how to’s,’ and apparently some people had even called Billing Support to be able to pay but had no other problems, much less a ban for it.

I supposedly have an email in my inbox stating why I was banned. I did not, and I do not. I went to the link I was supposed to and to the form from there that I was directed to if I didn’t get such an email, but, of course!, it required a CD key to inquire properly. Now, why would I have a CD key when not an hour earlier I’d just created the account to try it?

I ended up selecting “other” and described the situation in the space provided, and, fingers-crossed, that will do the trick. Maybe it was just an accident or something and everything will be cleared up soon, maybe I did scan over something crucial, I don’t know but I’m hoping to find out soon (assuming the next email doesn’t get lost somewhere, too, at least…).

As for Tattered Legends, no I haven’t quit there, or anything. Though I’ll admit I’ve been slacking a bit due to real life issues not giving me much time at all to even login or touch the computer most days until yesterday. However I’m back on, spent a good chunk of time on there last night, likely will again tonight and (hopefully) start getting things going again. Though there’s still the problem of the missing raid leader/main tank, unfortunately, even though he seems to be home again, just… out of touch, or something. Heck if I know, hardly anyone’s heard from him in days, and we may end up needing to get a replacement at this rate, but for now we’re working on getting the group geared and one of my officers is pushing for us to progress starting through Naxx instead of Uld as planned, and he’ll be leading that, so we’ll cross that hurdle when we come to it seeing as we have a couple tanks capable of tanking Naxx at least.

I just hope we’re not still in Naxx come Cataclysm, since trying to “progress” through Naxx is one of the things that seemed to do us in last go around, but at this point it’s either give in or lose my last raid leader and one of our main raid healers/our only priest… And I’m not sure which would be the worst way to kill TL.

Edit: Still no email from Euro-Blizz (what, was I expecting them to be quick about it? silly me), so I found something to do in the mean time. Sort of. I hadn’t been aware that I can have both EU and US accounts on the same, well, account. At least, the same battle.net account. So I read through everything all over again more thoroughly this time before adding a EU trial to my current account, should be in the clear… And after fighting with the installer for around 30 minutes, got that going, I’ve now technically got both (full!) clients installed, though the first of the patches for EU is at, uh.. *looks* 11%. …That could take a while. Starting to think this could be a perfect time to get around to reading one of my new…ish… books I picked up but haven’t had a chance to read yet.



  1. Tam said,

    I think Protflashes managed to get himself an EU account – and he used to swing by SAN at 11 at night and things and practice his woeful French on Kinie 🙂 I’ve honestly no idea how he managed it though – it seems Blizzard does not want to the US and the EU to speak.

    • I can’t imagine why, since it’s double the money in their pockets, really… Plus, I even found a blue saying it’s perfectly okay! So I’m still rather “gah” on that. Oh, and I know it’s not because of the trial vs full client, too–because my second account got banned just shy of hitting level 10 on the gal =(.
      I found a few people suggesting (on Windows, at least) create a second user account for the EU version, keep US on the main account, and I may just have to try that, even though it was suggested back for XP not Vista.
      I’d really like to be able to play with my friends on EU and maybe meet some of the bloggers I really enjoy who I know are in SAN outside of stray comments, so I’m being stubborn about trying to find a way to make this work >.>

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