July 20, 2010

Briefly on the addon debate

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So I was reading this over at Righteous Orbs a bit ago and was originally planning to comment but there are just so many comments already and I’ve got a little OCD thing where I usually need to read every comment that’s already there before adding my own into the mix, and I’m half-scared some of the things I’m wanting to say are going to be gone by the time I’m done reading, and since my thoughts (so far) are fairly lengthy, figure I’ll just go ahead and post here while I’m thinking about it.

Now the major debate seems to be addons vs no addons. I’m like a lot of other people; I thought actually, you know, arguing about this and what-have-you had been settled long ago in favor of whatever lets you as an individual play best, and I’ve seen plenty at both ends of the spectrum. Heck, I’ve been at both ends of the spectrum.

Starting with no-addons, a prime example would be the shaman I leveled my warrior with from early 40s on to 80. He was PUGing ToC as soon as it came out while the rest of TL was still stuck in Naxx. He played with zero addons, and didn’t need anymore. And yeah, sure, while he had a sort of, eh, attitude about it at times, and I don’t think that many people who grumbled about it actually knew this, he had tried. While he’d tell the raid he didn’t need things like DBM, he’d admit one-on-one that he had to learn to go without it because his computer and DBM didn’t get along; he’d tried a couple times downloading it, and even once more per my urging, and it just borked his computer. He didn’t have much choice in the matter so he learned to play without addons, and was still an excellent player with or without, whether he was healing or DPSing.

As most people likely know, personally, I do use addons, and the chat mods are, for me, all but necessary. I recently tried playing on the EU realms as is semi-documented in my last post; I had no addons whatsoever. Sure, I played fine, but I couldn’t read a lick of the chat if you paid me unless you paid me enough for like, eye surgery to fix’em, or something. I could tell you what color the blurry lines were, sure, but that’s about it.

Healing addons specifically, I’d leveled Mani (my holydin) with none. I also had no mouse at that point aside from my touchpad on my laptop which was going out towards the end, as well, so predictably I used my keyboard almost exclusively. I didn’t need addons, at least, not for 5-mans. I even did her first raid, if you’d call it that (I’d been DPSing on Adu in VoA10, we needed a pinch more heals on Emalon or whoever the fire boss is, so I switched over), with no healing addons, though I had to switch my methods by a decent amount. But I did it, and honestly? I was pretty quick, just a touch under the efficiency I’ve got now with my healing addons and setup, because I was used to it. It’s what I’d always done, and by the time I even hit Northrend I didn’t even really need to look at the bars on the left. I’d have floating blue and green bars in front of me, and after I looked at the beginning of the instance to see which bar belonged to which name and which f-number, I’d be set. I’d see a bar in front of my going down and my fingers would automatically hit the f-key for that person and they’d be getting a heal. If anything, in 5-mans I’m now slower with my addons, but that very well could be because I’m still not that used to them.

However, I do love my addons, now that I’ve got them. I am at times less efficient than I had been, but a lot of the time it tells me what I want to see, what I need to know, quicker than I was able to do before, and it’s just a failure on my part on processing and reacting, than it is the fault of the addon. Once I’ve got as much time using these under my belt as I had using my keyboard, I’m all but guaranteed to be more efficient. But, it is a matter of time, and of personal choice. As long as I’m still able to play without them were they to break, and as long as I’m efficient enough with either, I see no issue, and I don’t see why anyone else does, either.


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  1. Tam said,


    Yep, agreed – I think the reason Chas and I went on such a bender of ferocity was because, although I’m pretty easy going on the “people can do what they like” score, people tend to evangelical about not using add-ons. It’s not about personal preference, it’s because BETTER PEOPLE don’t use add-ons. Gah.

    Also, as you say, it absolutely figures that what you’re used to seems better for you. There’s always going to be a period of adjustment, but why read value into that?

    *goes away grumbling and ranting*

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