July 21, 2010

If it isn’t one thing…

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H’okay… Fair warning, this post may not be the most understandable since I’m writing about this the night it happened. Also if you don’t recognize the start of what I was saying in the title, the whole phrase is “If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.”

I was hit with something… pretty huge tonight. For anyone who’s kept up with my blog, you probably know that our main tank and raid leader, Ithraen, has been away from the game for a while due to a vacation. Well, let me give you a better idea of the timeline of things we’re looking at so things make a bit more sense.

  • We’re informed that one of Ith’s real life friends will be paying for a transfer for one of his toons, since he’s trying to get all of his friends to play on one server.
  • He’s taking one of the toons he never uses, and keeping all the ones he does play on WrA there, including his main, Ithraen.
  • He promises us this is only a “sometime” thing, that WrA will still be his main server, that this will not affect the guild in any noticeable way.
  • Shortly after, we find out the same friend is paying to take Ith on a group trip to NY for a week, the same week TL was supposed to be doing our “comeback” raid. All in all, no real issue, we understand taking a vacaton, etc..
  • About a day before he was supposed to be heading home, I find out he will in fact be there another week, for a total of two.
  • I lose all contact with him for the following week.
  • He finally comes back but I don’t know until a couple days later where my other officers are asking, what’s going on, because he apparently had signed onto the toon to be transferred to check mail then transferred with just a “just checking mail, transferring servers, bye” sort of message.
  • No contact for a couple days after that.
  • Finally have contact at the 3 week gone mark, says he’s been busy, which is totally understandable, and heck, I’ve been busy myself so no harm done. However apparently he’s busy on the new server with said friends, and overall talking very little (which is extremely odd even when he is busy, because he and I usually talk a lot no matter what’s going on).
  • Throughout the course of the conversation it comes up that he won’t be on WrA soon because of things going on on the new server, and that we need to replace him because he “doesn’t have time to commit to raiding.”

Now, we’d stalled pretty much all of our raids while we were waiting on him to return. For him to promise that the server change and whatnot would not interfere with the guild and that we wouldn’t notice him being gone, then leave us hanging for three weeks, only to tell us that he doesn’t have time for us afterall, because of the server change? Well, in my opinion, that’s pretty low. The added few blows that came were personal and resulted in me rolling a new toon elsewhere and just grinding out mindlessly for several hours and considering a ‘vacation’ of sorts myself just to get away from everything.

I’ll be honest, when it happened I didn’t want to bother anymore. I wanted to pass the guild on or something and be gone–to the point I’d looked to see if my toons were up for free server changes and when they weren’t, looked to see how much it’d be. I didn’t want to bother trying to find a new main tank, much less try to find a raid leader, and class leader for several classes, and I really didn’t want to bother doing any of it right after losing my best friend. To be perfectly honest, I still don’t, but we aren’t left with much choice, and thanks to Alas I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel yet afterall.


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  1. Alas said,

    Sorry to hear about this – that really stinks. I hope you are able to keep things going and to even find some bit of good in this situation. Good luck and let me know if you need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend. I know it’s hard to keep going in the middle of stuff like this. Unfortunately, it’s also the time you’ll most need to.

    Sending good wishes your way!

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