July 22, 2010

Updates, updates

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Let me in, let me in, Euro-Blizz!

Well, I finally got an email today back from Euro-Blizz about my first account. They didn’t say anything about why it was banned, though it is apparently now unbanned, and I’ve got a free day of playtime as an ‘apology’ of sorts I suppose. At least, that’s what I understand from it. Here it is in all its short glory:

Hello [my name],

Thank you for your email and apologies for the delay. We have granted your account with 24 hours of additional playtime following your ban issue.

Should you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Blizzard Entertanment Europe

Julia J.

Hell, It’s About Time – July 27, 2010 : http://eu.starcraft2.com
Our StarCraft II Customer Support FAQ is regularly updated with new information and tips: http://eu.blizzard.com/support/index.xml?locale=en_GB&gameId=13

 My actual inquiry followed it, of course, but I won’t bother anyone with having to read that. I’m guessing it was just an oversight or some other issue that probably shouldn’t have existed that caused the ban, but I’m not going back to that account at this point anyway, since, well…

In my stubbornness, I’d kept reading and looking for some way, since I know it’s possible, there’s a lot of people who do it, and successfully, I’ve seen where blues actually troubleshoot on how to do it… and, in the end, it seems I found a way. One of the pieces of advice I kept finding, given it was for XP and not Vista, was to create a new user account on my computer, which I did. And I installed EU WoW in a way so that it’s accessible to that account alone, and changed US WoW so that it was accessible only by my other account, and neither could interact in any way without administrator privileges. The other thing I did, or well, one other thing, was went ahead and paid for a battle chest, which is Vanilla WoW and BC both. If I still had problems, at least now I’d have a danged CD key so I could go about it right. I also, since I could roll a paladin now, rolled one.. instead of rolling troll like I’d done on the two attempts previously.

I’m not sure what exactly has made the difference, but this account has been active for over a day now, and I’m proud to say I have a level 11 paladin now, halfway to level 12. So whatever it is, it worked, and I’m having a blast… without even actually having played with anyone else yet, actually. There’ve been many times where I wished I’d had a partner like I usually do, but for the most part I’m enjoying bumbling around doing things at my own pace how I want to do them without a care in the world. It’s a freedom I haven’t had in quite a long time that I hadn’t been aware how sorely I’d missed it.

Also, I’ll have to admit, the realm has… surprised me. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, but I didn’t expect, you know, this. If I didn’t know any better I’d think I was still on WrA, just… better. I actually had to check to make sure I was on EU servers and not US ones at one point. I guess maybe I was expecting more people who didn’t seem like fluent speakers of English, and that it’d be more broken over global channels, or that I’d feel like some sort of odd man out or something and that it’d be painstakingly obvious I was an American, an imposter if you will, but… no, no, nothing like that has happened so far. There’s actually been chatter over General, and it’s been completely understandable, if not even more so than on WrA. I was really impressed that… people here spell out “okay.” It’s not “ok,” or “kk,” or some such, not even the, I suppose, more appropriate, “OK,” but… “okay.” It’s the small things in life, as they say.

I’ve already been sort of.. okay, outright.. squeeing to a couple friends about it, to the point one’s already stated a preliminary “no I’m not joining you.” I mean… Well, the realm’s an RP realm like WrA is, so I expected maybe some roleplay, but definitely not to the extent there’s been. My experiences with roleplay realms before this, well… I’ll only count two of the three. There’s WrA, where there’s a little bit of bad RP, a decent chunk of good RP, but for the most part it can be… a bit scarce, if you don’t know where to look. The other realm was Farstriders, where… Well, honestly, I never saw a lick of roleplay aside from the couple of small exchanges that happened between my guildies in an RP guild. It seemed more like a normal server than Velen (an actual Normal server) had been. But here… I’ve already seen so much RP, just.. in random places across the starter areas. I’ve probably seen more RP going on here in a couple days than I have on WrA in a month, and what snippets I’ve caught are actual… quality RP. Or at least not blaringly bad.

Another big pro for me: I have yet to leave Eversong General on the new realm. On WrA it can give the stereotypical Barrens chat competition. I’ve been known to leave it quicker than I leave Trade (and I usually leave Trade upon entering cities). It’s not that it’s quiet, though there’s large chunks of time where it has been… But people so far have been civil, helpful, seemingly intelligent human beings. …This is new. This is wonderful and exciting and I think I’m in love.

Of course there’s a large part of me telling myself this is just a, err, “honeymoon phase” and that in no time I’ll be clawing my hair out and begging to go back to US because all the pricks will be crawling out of the woodworks. Which is possible. WrA seemed like heaven after I came back after the drama that happened on Velen but it only took a couple months to start seeing the underside of it. Granted, it’d usually been worth sticking through it until lately…

While back on Wyrmrest…

Hoo, boy. Not sure exactly where to start. Not that there’s a lot more drama or what-have-you, just that it’s all sort of a jumbled mess in my head.

Apparently our raid assist is creating a guild with an old friend on another realm, though still staying on WrA in case we need him for now. He’s really hurt by all this, and I don’t blame him, after all he’s gone through and done for TL only for it to turn out like this.

And it seems Silv and Emere ended up talking last night with Silv giving me a rundown of it this morning, and it seems that they both are just… extremely tired of WoW, at this point. I can’t blame them, really, since I’ve been… well, we’ve all been fairly burnt out for a while, to varying degrees, and pushing through for one reason or another. At this point it seems they’re both just really waiting on FFXIV to hit, and SCII for Silv as well, though he’s still going to try to see if he can get the guild we were sort of allied with ready to strike out on their own before he’s done. I’ll likely join him if I can make the raid times, since he’s currently working on getting every raider who’ll be attending’s schedule and work out one that fits best for their sort of, eh, training raids I suppose.

Beyond all that, however much I hate to say it, especially so soon after we were trying to start up again, but it looks like TL’s about done, at least as we were. We lost a lot when Ith left, and while talking and trying to figure out how best and where to go from here, it’s just kind of… None of us really have the motivation or the will, at this point. We’re not paying to do a job, or not supposed to be, but that’s exactly what we’ve been doing… and to an extent, that’s what any good guild leadership does, I think… but not to this extent. When it’s this hard on not one but every person in power in the guild, it just becomes this soul-sucking parasite that we’re paying for, and that’s not right, and the guild would just suffer in the long run.



  1. Eric said,

    I have a confession to make. We stole the name Tattered Legends for our Suramar guild cause it just fits where Ior and I are both coming from – and it’s an awesome name. So, TL will sorta live on, just on a different server with totally different people in it.

    Unless. Yanno. You come play with us? 😀

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