August 3, 2010

do it for joy and you can do it forever

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Hoo, apologies, folks, this is much, much later than I’d expected it to be. Ended up taking a rather extended and completely unexpected trip over the weekend, left Thursday evening and got back yesterday, and had neither internet nor even a phone with me, so writing this up when I’d planned on it ended up, well, not happening. In the least. But now I’m home and I’ve rested so that my thoughts are more easily put into a cohesive post, so that’s what I’m doing (though I feel I should note I may end up having to take another trip soon since things here are still quite unstable in that area, and if I do have to then I again won’t be able to post).

I’m in your foreign realms talking on your guildchat

Okay, well, not right this moment, of course, and I haven’t even been on WoW since before the trip, but since that was working out I finally got up the courage to ask for a guild invite on my highest paladin there (I believe I’ve mentioned somewhere before I am actually extremely shy, so getting up the courage to actually whisper someone for an invite was considerably harder for me than it realistically ever should have been; the double-edged sword here, as well, was that I didn’t have the guts to ask someone in the guild whose name I didn’t recognize, but the names I recognized were bloggers I very much enjoy reading and sort of look up to as blogging idols, which of course is a whole other can of worms). I’ll admit I’ve been fairly quiet (aside from two times where I actually got talking a good bit, comparatively), and I’m not of the rank to edit my note to say what blogger I am, so I’m not sure anyone even knows who I am, but everyone’s still been as friendly as can be and I’ve really enjoyed it, and there’s this whole atmosphere there that is very unique of the guilds I’ve been in, which is probably part and parcel of SAN’s charm and I absolutely love it. (If anyone’s wondering, yes, there also was much “why was I so nervous, that wasn’t hard, these people are awesome” after I actually got in regarding my hesitation to ask for an invite).

I also officially have an alt there, though she isn’t guilded, and she’s another paladin which makes me 2 for 2 on what I’ve got there. One of my friends wanted to actually join me over there so we got him an account (and keys, so he didn’t go through the initial hassle I did), and I rolled up a baby paladin to level with him, who I originally planned to leave to sit after we caught him up to my first paladin but I’m growing fond of her and may just keep the second one tied to his toons and level Amanielei separate (also, boo on all my usual names being taken, and my having a lack of creativity when it comes to names). To that random mage we ran across in the starting area who ended up joining our party who was totally in character the whole time (even in /party): You are awesome and to me represent a reason I’m quickly growing so fond of this server and for that I love you.

Back across the pond…

At first when I went over to EU I’d stopped playing US much at all, and my friends are slowly leaving (one of them’s left permanently and not just for Cataclysm, was a sad moment when he was giving away his stuff), though I’ve found reason to play there again, even if it’s not as much as before (and it’s not the AH this time, either, shockingly). On a completely related note, I have rediscovered my adoration for warrior tanking (at least semi-low level).

If anyone remembers (I hate to bring this up if not, but it’s a loose end that needs tying), one of the main things that made everything sort of fall apart on WrA was our raid leader/main tank/several-class-lead transferring one toon off to another realm to play with different friends, then ending up liking it better there and not coming back. He also at the time basically said “screw off, I don’t want to talk to you anymore” to me, then proceeded to prove it, which I still really… don’t understand… and probably never will, because he did end up talking to me again and before long was acting like it never happened. If I didn’t know better, in fact, I’d say it’d been all a dream, but alas… Regardless (and however possibly foolish on my part), he was my best friend and despite however much that stick up his bum ended up hurting the rest of us, I’m back to playing with him and hanging out.

He’d transferred off to a PvP realm and had been doing battlegrounds, and at one point he and a prot paladin defended… something, against fairly large numbers, and he got really excited about it and talked about it, voiced idle wishes of having a pocket tank for things like that, and… Well, I have a huge soft spot for PvP, so I tentatively voiced I may end up transferring Mani until Cataclysm or something to play with him. He liked the idea so we agreed on that, until a better idea came. As we were going through our many alts trying to figure out who sounded best (we didn’t feel like our 80s at the time, and I’d actually been wanting to level another toon with him, because the leveling process with a partner is actually one of the big things I enjoy in the game), we settled on my little 24 prot warrior and his 23 holy priest.

And because I hadn’t played prot in so long, I really… had no idea what buttons did. I mean, technically, yes, I did, but at first the finger memory was gone, and I was way too hesitant to go into a dungeon like that and make other people put up with me relearning on the fly (likely at their expense, I thought). This girl also had zero keybindings, whereas on Kas when I played her, everything I used was key-bound, and I knew exactly what to push, when, at what sounds and where… There’s actually still a video somewhere of me tanking Blood Furnace at level on her when I was completely asleep, because everything was just… instinct. I knew I didn’t have that on Cele again yet, so I requested we go into a battleground to let me regain my bearings (I knew it wouldn’t be the same as going into a dungeon to relearn since PvP and PvE are different critters, but I figured it’d help me relearn, at the very least, situational awareness in a hectic environment so that I’d be more comfortable in a PUG even if I did horribly at first).

So we ended up in Warsong Gulch, which he and I normally aren’t very fond of. Being a healer/tank combo, we decided to defend, and… did wonderfully. My muscle memory came back within the first fight and surprisingly not so much the keybindings this time as instinctively knowing which button did what and hitting the right buttons for that, even though they were different than on Kas. We won 3-0 and he and I actually had a blast which is rare for WSG, normally we find it rather boring compared to the other battlegrounds, and I realized just how much I missed PvProt (which was something I did a lot on Kas in the spare time I got on her while leveling, back before there was experience in BGs). So I volunteered that maybe I should just level Cele and transfer her instead of Mani, and he went for the idea, wanting to level his priest with her and transfer him later on when I did her, and that’s the plan as it stands even now.

And now they are… Somewhere over thirty, blast if I can remember the levels exactly. Thirty-two, I believe, but I’m likely wrong (did I mention it was a long weekend?), and we’ve been leveling through dungeons, though we may go into BGs a bit once we’re at least ‘5, maybe as late as ‘8, because it’s a whole lot of fun, as long as you’re not, you know, getting knocked over and beaten by your enemy’s horse’s tail hair because you are so underlevel for the BG. Tanking a dungeon when you know your healer as well as yourself… Wow, I’d forgotten how fun that is. It’s fun when I’m healing and he’s tanking, too, but there’s a certain rush when I’m tanking, and he’s bouncing around in boredom and pulling extras for me, or running into the next room to tank the boss, and such. Yes, we’re crazy, but we’ve played together so long we know how the other will react possibly more than we know how we ourselves will act, and there’s a level of trust there that allows us to do really stupid stuff. Like pulling all of Scarlet Monastery’s graveyard in one go when you only have one AOE dps and you’re probably not as geared as you should be. Or once we get there, standing down at the steps of ZF tanking the whole thing at once. Or just going to the back of the last boss in Gnomer to DPS while the he, the holy priest (now disc), tanks (at least until the knockback).

Though I feel sort of sorry for Emere (he’s the friend who came with me to EU, too!), since he came with us for a few runs on his rogue. We chain pull… everything. And have huge groups. He doesn’t get any AOE until 75. And while he had decent numbers when it was single target, you could almost hear his epeen deflating during the vast amounts of AOE pulls. To the point he started crippling the first elite he saw when I started pulling and just solo’d it while we killed the rest.

I fear this isn’t the blog you’re looking for

I think I might’ve sorely misled some poor fellow or two when I ended up posting something directly centered around PvP a while back. It was something that was on my mind at the time that I’d wanted to sort of rant about, and I stand behind it still today, but it’s not exactly heavy on tactics (well, I guess it is, but it’s not like, a guide or anything), it’s not a way to succeed at PvP, it was more… This is why this tactic doesn’t work, if anything, which I guess could help you win in combination with other things but far from on its own, and this blog certainly isn’t a PvP blog, not by a long shot, and I’d figured that part at least obvious.

So I was surprised when I looked at my dashboard today to see this:

If you were looking for a guide, this is not the place to find it, good sir/madame!



  1. Silv said,

    Well, as much as I loved wow in general and wra and… some of who I met there, it was time for me to at least shut it down for a while. I do expect to come back for a while, if only to power my current 80’s to 85 and go away again. Sadly, you’ll not hear more drunken mage singing on vent for a while.

    • No worries, I understand. I think several of us probably should’ve stepped back a while ago when we first started feeling burnout, but eh, oh well, all for the best.
      Besides, I can always poke you on MSN, or do one of those computer-to-computer calls and request a song 😛 /hug

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