August 25, 2010

Sweet PUGs are not made of shot beartanks

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:48 am by Aduial of WrA

So at some point yesterday I managed to talk Ith into tanking on his druid before he hit 20 with surprisingly little protest (and despite his believing he sucks, he’s actually getting the hang of it quite quickly). We did a bit of a test run, just the two of us, into Ragefire Chasm, and a few pulls in he decided it was apparently good enough and we plunked ourselves into LFD.

Things went well for a while. Next to last run of the night, we ended up with a neat little warlock, who, one pull from the boss I noticed, was from our realm. Awesome. We finished that run (which was Deadmines) and then queued up again as a group (well, the two of us plus the warlock at least) and… got Wailing Caverns. Neither Ith nor I really like WC, and after our last run with it earlier that evening we’d decided if we got it again, we’d just drop (he needed gear from the random bags so specificing wasn’t an option, unfortunately).

However, we sort of wanted to keep the lock. So we started. By this time Esgal had logged in and we were chatting in our officer channel, until we got WC of course, when it turned to grumbling. We didn’t really see a way to drop without seeming like jerks, but Esgal… sort of… came up with a way. However I’m fairly certain he had been joking.

Apparently he needed an excuse afterall.

I didn’t think to screenshot at the time, so those are from me scrolling up after I was back in Silvermoon. Also I apparently missed the part where the paladin DPS immediately dropped with alarming speed, so it’s not in the screenshots, but it happened.

That ended up being the last we ran last night, despite trying to random with Esgal’s priest, who turned out to be just a wee bit too high to random with us. However we started up again today, and he’d gotten a couple levels while I’d slept so we were out of WC range and fully into Stocks range. Which we got. A lot.

After a few runs LFD plunked us in with a priest, paladin, and hunter. One of the first things said were along the lines of this:

“Hmm, we have rez sickness…”

So I look, and… The paladin and priest have rez sickness indeed. It took me a moment to realize, hey, that priest is our healer. Start inward groans. Ith just said that we’d go super slow, and we started. And it turned out to be one of the quickest runs of the morning, in around 4 minutes. The paladin’s DPS was (of course) crap, but he actually used his skills, you know, well. And the healer was just absolutely amazing considering she hadn’t trained and had rez sickness and we had a few, uh, overpulls. On top of it they were actually fun to talk to. So we requeued. Repeatedly.

I lost track of how many runs we did with the pair (they were from the same realm/guild, too, and turns out were also RAF’d) before the paladin had to go and the group pretty much dissolved. However before anyone dropped, the priest whispered me saying she wanted to roll a toon on our realm and to hold on so she could write my name down, and thus within a few minutes WrA had a new rogue, and it was awesome.

The three of us ended up just talking for I don’t know how long until she had to go to bed, but it turned out to be a pretty awesome morning, and had me wishing more PUGs like that existed.


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