August 30, 2010

Looks like we’re not as dead as I thought

Posted in Guild things, News, Tales from PUGland, Tattered Legends at 12:03 pm by Aduial of WrA

So for whatever reason, people in PUGs really seem to like Ithraen and I. I mentioned before about at least one person we met in a PUG who changed servers to play with us, there was the priest who rerolled a rogue last post, and then of course there’s Eric over at Out of Range who had transferred his main after playing with us on his paladin (although he was already here on his paladin and a guildy over in SnM, we hadn’t really talked a whole lot before doing our first dungeon, so I’m counting him here). And despite not really, you know, seeing our appeal as being that great, it happens surprisingly often (at least to me). Tattered Legends also has a new priest (or, okay, 2 and a druid) who’s been as active as the rest of us since rerolling, which in and of itself is surprising… We have a DK who was a warlock we met who rerolled that hasn’t signed on in a couple months, which is what I usually expect of people who reroll; they still have mains aside from us who get priority, and, in time, they just… forget to login to WrA at all.

We’d met her while doing randoms on his druid and my mage (who are now actually in their thirties, though a wee bit stalled there), and we of course ended up doing several runs together. Most of them (actually, all of them, now that I think about it) were Scarlet Monastery Graveyard. We learned sort of the hard way that the last room respawns… fairly quickly. We’d requeued at one point and I’d teleported out while they stayed in, and they ended up in combat… So I ported back in and started running, keeping blink on CD, and then I reached the actual graveyard. The mobs we’d killed with the group were back. So I’m soloing the ones I have to in an attempt to get to them, and then… they die. “Yeah, you’re not going to make it back inside, Ruvi.” That was the last time I ported out before they did.

Anyway, this was a couple days ago, and after we were done dungeoning she rolled up a new little priest on our realm. She was actually trying to level her to catch up to us, got to 6 before she started dragging through levels. While she was leveling and we were all talking, Ith and I had switched toons; he to his priest, I to Mani to check on auctions and do all that jazz. All of a sudden over guildchat there’s a bunch of random letters and along the lines of, “I should have known better than that.” This was from the mini-priest… followed by Veive getting Duel-licious. This of course piqued my interest so I ran out to where they were, and we all ended up taking turns dueling and just basically hanging around. I think my favorite part of that was still, “Here. Let me heal you. *Holy Shocks, wins the duel, instant FoLs them back to full.*” But maybe I’m just easily amused.

The three of us were out there for at least an hour I think, I didn’t really keep time, and were joined later by Nosher (Esgal’s real life friend who he got into WoW a bit late, so we haven’t run much with him but he’s been a regular member in TL for a long time now) who hung out for a while, too.

Well, by about mid-point yesterday our mini-priest, Peeps, had met the whole active TL crew (all 5 of us) and we’d all gotten along great, so she ended up deciding to just transfer her higher priest over. So now we actually have about 5 people in the same level range (that isn’t 80!) for once in a long time, though until 40 we lack a tank (Ith decided to go DPS until then). And since Ith and I seem to have the most time to play, with Peeps coming in second there, it’s been interesting trying to sort of keep our levels together; Eric’s got his healing druid at 33, there’s Peeps (who’s Shadow) and I at 31, Ith at 30, and Esgal’s sort-of-Shadow, sort-of-Disc priest trailing in at something like 28 or 29.

I actually have very little faith Ith and I (and probably Peeps, too) won’t end up outleveling the other two.. or at least Esgal. But here’s hoping we’ll be able to stay together at least until 60, because Esgal’s really been wanting to underman UBRS at level again (we’d done it a long time ago and had a blast, so I think he’s hoping it’ll be as much fun doing it again on different toons). Though I’m still looking forward to trying it on our 80s with me healing 2 warlock tanks through it (which we almost did night before last but didn’t really have the time for it).

Oh, and since I’ve already gone just about everywhere with this post (sorry!), there’s been a few small changes in site layout, if anyone’s noticed. There was an RSS/subscribe module at the top of the right column that I ended up removing, and I added in a couple RSS feeds at the bottom, the first with my US characters’ activity and the second with my EU character’s. I don’t know if those will actually stay, but at the time I thought they could be a neat addition… On second thought it may just be an odd thing to have there, so I’ll see how it works out (and any feedback on the changes would be loved!).


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  1. Silv said,

    Good to hear things are at least not as in ruins as they were. This break (combined with delightful compstomping goodness of starcraft) has been quite restful (I haven’t had a drink in over 3 weeks.. though that’ll change come this weekend.. yay birthday)
    Keep your chin up. You’ll know when I return when the ground quakes, lighting splits the sky and you hear a deep voice stating “I have returned”. Followed by singing of some kind probably.

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