September 20, 2010

Holy crap, it’s Brewfest already?!

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:29 am by Aduial of WrA

I’ve, eh, had my head in the sand for a wee bit now, so to speak, and been reading fewer and fewer things (my RSS reader hates me currently, since I’ve let over 900 items back up in it…), so I honestly hadn’t noticed it was this close. I thought it was a bit odd when a paladin in one of our groups tonight asked about the level to do the brewfest boss, but I figured he was just trying to get to that level by then and getting a head start. I don’t know why… I kept thinking it was in October, I guess, closer to Halloween than this. So you can probably imagine my surprise when I saw “lfg brewfest boss” go out across one of the global channels (not sure if it was LFG or General, at this point), only to check the calendar more closely and see, holy crap, it is Brewfest!

So despite having a bad case of the flu, I’m really excited. I’ve ended up mostly ignoring a lot of holidays, but Brewfest is always one I participate in… Possibly because it was the first one I really had a chance to.

I originally started playing when there was less than a day left of Midsummer Fire Festival, so the first holiday that really happened after I started playing was Brewfest, and ironically happened to be one of the only ones the person who got me into WoW enjoyed. I don’t know why, really, but I ended up just falling in love with the holiday, and it’s one of the few times I miss when Aduial was a night elf instead of a troll.

During my first Brewfest, I ended up spending most of my playtime outside of Ironforge, in naught by my guild tabard and weapons, dancing on top of a keg and being constantly smashed, making sure I never missed a Dark Iron attack (and trying to rope Esgal into helping me during them, despite his protests), taking time out to do the dailies. A very simple act, I suppose, but one that I, for whatever reason, found great amusement in. And doing the same outside of Orgrimmar, on a troll… Well, it’s just not the same. Despite the drunkenness probably more fitting of a troll than a night elf.

Last year after finding out that the joy just isn’t there on TrollAdu, I sort of, well, ignored the holiday. The only one I really wanted to bother on was Amaniel, who… it was not fitting of, in the least. But this year I’m determined to find a way to enjoy it Horde-side as much as I used to Alliance-side, and I’m very excited, so hopefully that’ll help (best I can recall, I was a bit bummed last year due to difficulties raiding, so the excitement wasn’t there).

Have any of you ever gone through something similar? What did you do to enjoy a holiday again? Do you usually bother with any holidays, or none at all? Any favorites?


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