September 27, 2010

Mixed bag of goodies, er, I mean updates

Posted in Musings, News at 1:58 pm by Aduial of WrA

I think there’s some sort of hidden law that says as soon as Ith and I get into a nice rhythm on a pair of toons one of us has to get bored and want to play a totally different pair. Lately I’ve been really enjoying playing my fire mage (who’s 53 now, and I finally updated the Where to find me page to reflect his new levels as well as others’), while he’s been leveling a second druid who keeps flip-flopping between specs. As of last night he’s now Resto (which I totally saw coming and he didn’t believe me), and we were rocking out dungeons and got a few levels… but in one of them there was a shaman. An enhance shaman. And so it begins!

We’ve had a pair of draenei over on Farstriders sitting unplayed at around 66 for a while now due to several reasons, his was a shaman and mine a paladin, so when he saw this shaman he ended up wanting to play his. As things stood however neither of us particularly wanted to go back to the realm itself, so we planned to transfer them off in a couple days when we could afford it and play them then, but it turned out that wasn’t soon enough for him. Now we’ve ended up with plans to just reroll on Wyrmrest after we each delete a toon (and get him enough badges to have heirlooms, which thankfully won’t take too long with Coren badges), though I’ll be juggling bank guilds around since currently the one I’d be deleting is the bank toon I rarely use anymore who’s also the only toon left in that guild which I want to keep.

I’ve also decided, though, that my reroll will be a warlock, one of the classes I haven’t personally leveled to 80 yet, but fell in love with when I was leveling Ith’s for him back in the day. I really don’t know how well it’ll go… I have a level, eh, 6 I think, warlock on my second account who I never really got into, though I don’t know if that’s because she was an orc or because of being a lowbie warlock or just because I was leveling her alone, so I’ll be finding out. The plan so far is to kill Coren later today then run the one heroic or so he’ll need for badges for the last heirloom, then figure out a new situation with the banks, delete toons and be playing before the day’s over.

As far as my goal to find a way to enjoy Brewfest this year goes, so far I seem to have been successful. I’ve been doing Coren daily on Mani and Adu, and doing the other dailies on Adu and Ruvi both. I really want Brewmaster on Adu, and started to get it on Mani but it really just didn’t… fit with her, so I’ve just been going for the frosties. Unfortunately, the mount hasn’t dropped for Adu… but it dropped the very first time on Mani. To say it was frustrating would be an understatement. I’ve also been doing as much of the Brewmaster stuff on Ruvi as I can, considering he isn’t the right level to do a lot of it. I wasn’t even sure why, really, since I knew he wouldn’t get it until next year, but then I looked at the Brewfest outfits on him, and… I found I really wanted Ruvi in a dress. A rather odd urge, I suppose, but something I really did want. And so I got it. And it was awesome. (Screenshot coming at a later date since I didn’t think to get one before!)

Speaking of Ruvi, I’ve been asked no less than twice now, basically, how to fire mage from two other fire mages. I’ve never really been asked any questions like this before… possibly because Ith usually ended up getting them… and maybe it’s not terribly out of place when someone’s usually top DPS by a mile, not uncommonly almost twice as much DPS as the next highest, but it’s surprised me both times. I’ve never really thought of myself as a good player, and in most cases I’m really not, but for some reason everything just seems to… to click, on Ruvi, I guess. I’m loving him so much and seem to be good enough at him, I’m actually seriously contemplating him being my main in Cata if things aren’t too off (I haven’t looked at anything regarding Mages in Cataclysm… or regarding any class I think I might play, really; I’m one of those weird folks who would rather be surprised and try to figure out what all’s changed on my own than be told, I suppose). Anyway, after the first time I started thinking about maybe just writing a post about it in more detail, and have had that in my mind since, and last night (when I was asked the second time) I figured I must be doing something right enough that maybe it’s really not such a bad idea, if for nothing else to maybe be able to point to the post in favor of typing it all out every time (well, assuming I”m asked again, at least)… So I’ll be working on writing that up soon and hopefully have it posted by the end of the day or perhaps tomorrow.

Oh, and since I almost completely forgot to mention this… I’ll likely be updating the little Armory feeds to the right soon, since there will be new toons to list on US. I think I’m at four at the moment though with one I’ve been playing not on there (my priest, actually) so with her and the new warlock, unless I can figure out someone to remove I may end up with two US armory feeds, since it’s capped at five characters per feed (Gah, am I really playing more than five toons? No wonder so many of my RSS feeds and not-terribly-important emails have been getting backed up…). I also may be temporarily removing the EU feed; that account is currently out of time (again) since the money I’d set aside to pay for it went to vet bills when Sindragosa (no, not the dragon, my youngest cat who Ith helped name) got sick and needed antibiotics, and I’m unfortunately not quite sure when I’ll be able to start it back up.



  1. Tam said,

    Just out of curiosity, why have I never managed to catch you in SAN?

    Maybe we’re the same person…wait, that can’t be right.

    • I’ve been sadly out of time for a while and wasn’t on terribly frequently before that, so I wasn’t the most noticeable of presences. I was also fairly quiet which probably didn’t help… You’re the one who I asked for a guild invite, though, so I know we were on at the same time a few times šŸ˜›

      Only toon I’ve got in SAN is a little lowbie paladin (somewhere in her 20s) named Amanielei (Amaniel was taken, as was Aduial and Kasumihotaru and, well, any other name I thought of using at the time and being recognizable). Her note last time I was on was “Bonfires are Good Practice” since the URL didn’t fit, and I hoped the title of my blog would be telling enough of who I was.

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