October 15, 2010

Fire Maging the Ruvi Way in 4.0.1 (In Progress)

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Obligatory Disclaimer: This may not be the best spec or information for a raiding fire mage and indeed, probably isn’t. It may not even be the best for a leveling one. I’m certainly not trying to say this is “the best” or “the right” way, just that it’s my way, a way that works best for me.

This will also likely change once I hit cap and start getting geared up. I will go over this again and compare it against the general “what works best” specs and all that, and possibly write up another if my way’s any different from that. Until I hit cap however, I don’t look at the “cookie cutter” specs, I usually don’t look at any other specs or information (aside from comments on some spells to determine their worth), and instead prefer to play around with my characters and “feel out” the best way for me.

My reasoning for ignoring any of the specs and information out there until I’m at cap is quite simple, and something I think should be noted. Until cap there is more room for error and experimentation, and I learn leagues more about my class by experimenting than I do by being told “this is how you should spec, how you should glyph, this is your rotation, you should move this way, talk this, breathe that.” Once at cap there is a lot less room for mistakes and playing around, so I’d rather take advantage of being able to while I am in a safe environment to do so.


The Spec
The Glyphs
The Stats/The Gear
The Rotation

The Spec

I will be going over every talent in detail to say why it’s in my spec, but if you want to skip all that and just grab it, here it is.

Fire (34 points)

This is your main tree, so you’re going to have to choose “Fire” out of the three choices. This gives you Pyroblast, whose cast time maxes out at 3.5 seconds at level 20, which is like Fireball on steroids, Fire Specialization, which just increases your fire damage by 25%, and Mastery: Flashburn, though you can’t actually make use of that until 80. At 80, however, it increases the damage of all your DoT damage by 20%, and a further 2.5% for each point of Mastery.

Tier One:

Master of Elements – This makes your crits refund 30% of their base mana cost. Best I can tell, crit is still our god, so this is a decent chunk of your mana regen.

Burning Soul – Reduces pushback from damaging attacks by 46%. This means you can still cast even if you’re tanking several mobs. I only went 2/3 here so I could get 3/3 Netherwind Presence, which I’ll explain further down.

Improved Fire Blast – This increases the crit chance of your Fire Blasts by 8% and increases its range by 10 yards. Combined with Impact, you’ll be Fire Blasting quite often, probably nearly every time it’s off CD, so that 8% extra crit will work out to a sizeable boost to your DPS.

Tier Two:

Ignite – Your crits apply a DoT to the target, doing an additional 40% of the spell’s damage over 4 seconds.

Fire Power – Increases the damage of your fire spells by 3%, which makes this pretty much required. The other aspect of it is, at max, it causes your Flame Orb to explode at the end of its duration each time, which I imagine will be a decent amount of extra DPS.

Impact – This gives your damaging attacks a 10% chance to reset the CD on Fire Blast, which is fancy talk for your attacks have a 10% chance to finish the CD and make Fire Blast immediately available again. On top of that, when it procs, the next Fire Blast you cast will 1) stun the target for two seconds, and 2) spread any of your fire DoTs to all enemy targets within 12 yards of the first. So when this procs, the DoTs you have up on one target (assuming it’s the one you’re Fire Blasting) will spread to all targets nearby for massive amounts of damage.

Tier Three:

Blast Wave – This is like Frost’s Cone of Cold now. It’s an AOE attack, does a sizable amount of damage to any enemy targets within range, and slows them by 70% for 3 seconds.

Hot Streak – Another one that makes crit our god. Any time you get a crit with Fireball, Frostfire Bolt, Scorch, Pyroblast, or Fire Blast (which we boosted with Improved Fire Blast), you have a chance to make your next Pyroblast instant and cost no mana. That means when we crit with many of our main spells, we get one of our really big main spells for free. Can’t go wrong here.

Improved Scorch – Reduces the mana cost of Scorch by 100%, which means with this Scorch costs absolutely zero mana. Considering Scorch does damage, and once we reach Critical Mass it will apply one of our necessary debuffs, this is an awesome talent.

Tier Four:

Combustion – This has changed quite a bit with the patch. Now, it’s still on a 2 minute CD, but it deals a certain amount of damage off the bat, and applies a new DoT on the target, which lasts 10 seconds and deals the same amount of damage as all of your other DoTs combined, which means you’re doubling your DPS from DoTs.

Improved Hot Streak – If you crit twice in a row with Fireball, Frostfire Bolt, Scorch, Pyroblast, or Fire Blast, you’ll trigger Hot Streak, which gives you a free Pyroblast.So crit is definitely still our god.

Firestarter – This changes one of our other spells, Molten Armor, from reducing the chance we’re critically hit by 5% to allowing us to cast Scorch while moving. In PvE the crit reduction’s fairly useless for us, so it’s replacing something useless with something awesome.

Tier Five:

Improved Flamestrike – This reduces the cast time of our Flamestrike by 100%, thus making it an instant cast, and also affects our Blast Wave ability (in a good way!). If we Blast Wave more than two targets, then a Flamestrike will automatically hit the same location, which means more DPS on AOE fights.

Dragon’s Breath – One of our abilities. Any enemies in a cone directly in front of us will take damage and become disoriented for 5 seconds, or until they’re damaged by direct damaging attacks (I think this means our DoTs previously applied won’t affect them, but I could be wrong).

Molten Fury – Increases the damage of all of our spells (not just fire) by 12% against targets with less than 35% health. This may not be huge on trash (except against runners, perhaps), but will definitely increase our DPS against bosses.

Tier Six:

Pyromaniac – Increases our spell haste by 10% if three or more targets are taking damage from our DoTs. 10% haste is pretty huge, so while this only affects AOE fights, it’s still awesome for dungeons.

Critical Mass – Our Living Bomb and Flame Orb spells do 15% more damage with this, which alone could almost make it required, but since it also makes our Scorches and Pyroblasts apply a debuff that increases our crit chance against that target by 5%, it definitely is required.

Tier Seven:

Living Bomb – This is what we’re here for, this is why we’re fire. Our last point in fire goes into getting us a wicked new ability, which is another DoT, but with a twist. We can apply this on up to three targets, and it does damage over 12 seconds, at which point that target will explode and do more damage to up to 3 enemies within 10 yards of the exploding one. And again, we can have this on up to three targets… which means we can make three people into bombs at a time. Awesome, isn’t it?

Arcane (3 points)

Tier One:

Arcane Concentration – This gives us a 10% chance to enter a Clearcasting state after any damaging spell hits a target. Said Clearcasting state reduces the mana cost of our next damaging spell by 100%. In other words, all of our spells have a 10% chance to make the next one free.

Frost (3 points)

Tier One:

Piercing Ice – After further reading this does seem to affect all spells instead of just frost, and since crit’s our god it is considerably better than Netherwind Presence in Arcane (unless you have 33.33% crit, in which case Netherwind Presence would be better).

The Glyphs


Living Bomb – Increase the damage of Living Bomb by 3%. Obviously required.

Pyroblast – Increase the crit chance of Pyroblast (one of our big spells, remember) by 5%. This makes it awesome.

Mage Armor – After logging in and playing around, I find out this is later while Molten Armor’s earlier, however no other Prime Glyphs really suit us. This would have the best use for me of the remaining choices.


Fireball – Increases the crit chance of Fireball by 5%, so is very much like Glyph of Pyroblast.

Molten Armor – Looking at this on wowhead it says our Molten Armor will grant an additional 0% spell crit chance, though reading the comments it’s supposed to be 2%, which combined with the 3% Molten Armor already gives, that’s 5% from one spell. Pretty awesome if the comment’s right (and it seems to be!).

Frostfire – I’m not 100% sure this trumps Dragon’s Breath, since I never got to play around with it before the patch, though now it’s a level 56 spell. The glyph removes the slow from it, and replaces it with a DoT, that stacks. Since Fire’s all about DoTs, this seemed like a good idea. I won’t know for sure until Ruvi hits 75 and unlocks the last major spot.


Slow Fall – The less reagents I have to worry about keeping stocked up on, the better. For me this was a given.

Arcane Brilliance – Halves the mana cost of Arcane Brilliance, so less downtime after buffing. Lets me jump into DPS faster.

Conjuring – This is a lot like Mage Armor in which, it was a change I didn’t know about until getting in and playing around. There’s now one spell that conjures, and seems to be a whole stack no matter when you’re casting it. So at this point this is just the best of the remainders for me (though I may be going for one of the Polymorph ones later, I’m not sure…).

Just a quick update after I’ve had enough time to play around and find some things that were wrong/had time to further search. I’ll still need to finish this up later and add in links, but it’s less blatantly wrong now, which I’ll have to live with for tonight.


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