October 15, 2010

I should know by now…

Posted in News, The Player Behind the Toon at 6:40 am by Aduial of WrA

Ith’s always right. Or at least, better at being right on WoW-related things than I am.

I didn’t think the patch would hit this week, but it turned out, yep, it did. I honestly didn’t think Blizzard would make us play through an unbalanced patch for about two whole months, and I know they won’t be balancing it around level 80 when they’re concerned about it being balanced for level 85… But alas, I was wrong.

So the fire maging post I was working on pre-patch is kind of useless now. I won’t be taking it down, but I won’t be finishing it like I’d hoped, either. However, I am hoping to get a headstart on an updated version of it for 4.0.1. Probably tonight (this morning?) actually, since I’ve finally got a bit of free time and I’m looking over the talent spec I’m planning to use on him and debating it, and if nothing else trying to explain why I’m taking what talent can help to solidify in my mind if it’s a good talent or not… I know I ended up editing his spec a bit last time I did it, because when I was explaining why I took certain spells it was just like, “Actually, this is stupid to have. That’s better.” so I tweaked his spec a wee bit while writing.

I’ll admit right now I’m not the keenest on doing it just yet… I’m not sure how many changes will be coming soon if any, if anything’s going to be hot-fixed, etc. I also haven’t actually had a chance to play… I haven’t logged in since right before the patch dropped, between not having time, the time I had ate up by actually downloading the patch, and, okay, I’m a little bit scared of how much has changed across so many toons. I want to play Ruvi, I know, and I want to make him my main in Cata if I still enjoy him after the patch as much as I did before the patch, but to play on one toon and one toon only isn’t really my playstyle. If nothing else I’d want to get on Mani and do some auctioning, but if I don’t put a spec on her (both specs, actually, since she’s got dual-spec) and update her bars and glyphs and everything, well, that would bug me. A lot. I’d also need to get on Adu and get her sorted out since I’ve been trying to get the tiger mount to drop in Zul’Gurub before Cata hits and ZG’s removed.

I also did something I probably shouldn’t have during the downtime for the patch, and pruned my addons (which I usually do every major patch), and pruning them in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, but I downloaded some as well. Well, not a whole lot, really, but the idea of having to set up new addons on top of everything else just adds more intimidation to the act of logging in. Skada perhaps won’t be so much to set up (I’m looking at it to possibly replace Recount), but I know DoTimer, if I can make it work how I’m wanting it to, will be quite a bit to set up.

Anyway, nothing ever gets done by procrastinating, and if I spend all my current free time here writing I’ll never get anything done, so I’m off to start drafting up the updated Fire Maging post and hopefully get my butt in the game.


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