November 13, 2010

Some sad news for this blog

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I’m sure by now any usual readers of my blog here know life gets busy for me sometimes. Well, in the past few days some things have happened that promise to make my life much busier in a completely different way, and a lot more consistently.

Short version: I’m quitting WoW; all of my sell-able possessions are up on the AH right now, I’ve already given 2/3 of my gold to one friend, and whatever’s left after 48 hours, gold and items, will be put into the guild bank and leadership will be passed on (if not before then on the last part). That means by Monday (I’m writing this Saturday, my birthday actually) I will be gone from the World of Warcraft, and thus it would be silly to write about something I don’t do. I won’t be playing again.

Longer version for anyone who cares about the why’s behind this sudden change:

I’ll be perfectly honest here, I’ve never done much with my life. For the most part I’ve simply existed, and had settled into the seeming inevitability of never being able to do anything really worthwhile. I work at home because I simply couldn’t cut it otherwise, and even so barely did, despite efforts. There was always a wall. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I was able to latch onto WoW as I did in the first place.

Now, something I’ve always believed in, albeit quietly, was equality. Acceptance. Respect, respecting each other, our environments, the other species that live alongside us. Previously, the most I’ve ever really done to show this belief, was a few years ago when they were wanting to tear down a section of forested land locally to build a shopping center, despite there already being plenty of places they could do this, or places ready for the stores to just move in. The destruction was extremely unnecessary. I was one of a large group who opposed it, tried to keep it from happening. It didn’t work, and now there’s a Target and restaurants and banks and all sorts of stuff where trees used to be, where animals used to be. Even just going past it on the way to somewhere else, it hurts to see it, to know what happened, to have watched them needlessly destroy for the sake of money.

Now, about a year ago an independent musician added me on facebook, and I ended up ordering one of his limited edition CDs last March because he sang about these things I care about. One song in particular got me, relating to the above story especially. It’s still my favorite of his, out of the 100 songs over the three CDs I now have, and I believe it’s what started getting the cogs turning.

Well, he’s on tour right now, and Wednesday evening he had a show in my town, and of course I went. Hearing the songs again, and the introductions to them and the why’s and inspirations, further affected the machine of my mind. After the show I treated him to a meal–he lives out of his car and lives off his CD sales, so likely doesn’t get many good meals otherwise–and we ended up talking about so many things I’d be hardpressed to remember them all at once, but I started thinking. This man has a degree from Oxford, he could be making buttloads of money, or doing anything he wants, and yet this is what he’s chosen to do, to not just believe but to try to make his beliefs reality, and even being disowned by his father for it wasn’t enough to deter him. Why do I have to be content to just be and believe, why can’t I try to change the world for the better, too, why can’t I do something?

After going about an hour north to see his next show the day after, it all started clicking into place. It was something I wanted to do, more than anything I’ve wanted before, or at least as close as I could get; I’d never be a musician like he is since I can’t really sing, can’t write songs, only thing I’m decent at is violin musically, but I could do something, I was sure, something to make the world a better place. Something that would matter.

And so that leads me to yesterday, of which today is just a continuation of what I started yesterday. I’ve started cleaning out my life, so to speak, getting rid of anything that would just stand in the way while constantly thinking, and reaching out. I’ll miss the friendships I had in WoW, but I’ll be staying in touch with most of the friends I made on WrA via MSN or phone, and I’m making an effort to reach out to those I’ve lost touch with for various reasons, as well. Most of the stuff in my feed reader is gone, as well as many email subscriptions I had, because if I spend my free time dealing and sorting through and reading all that, then I’ll never get anything meaningful done. I do have a few blogs left on the reader, mainly the blogs I enjoy that touch on things beyond WoW, but I probably won’t be able to read them as quickly as I used to.

Speaking of touching on things beyond WoW, I know I’ve done a bit of that on this blog, though I’m not sure if I’ve made any real connections to readers that would make them want to keep in touch if I stop blogging… but if I have (and feel free to tell me if I have!), I’d love to keep in touch. Chances are I may end up with a blog talking about what I end up doing and related things, though I’m not sure I’d post it here, but there is likely to be other things I write for you to read if you’d like to. Just let me know, either in a comment here, or you can drop me a line at kasumihotaru (at) live (dot) com. I can tell you if I get that blog up and what its address is if you do, or we can just shoot the breeze, or anything in between. I’m friendly enough, I assure you =).

But yes, to sum all this up again, I’m leaving WoW to dedicate my life to trying to make a meaningful, positive difference in the world, thanks in large part to a very wonderful man and amazing musician who wants to set us free.


Update: I have, actually, decided to go ahead and link to my future writing here. The writing bug bit me again as I figured it would though sooner than expected, so I wrote throughout the day whenever I had a few minutes free and ended up coming up with this. If you’re interested in hearing about anything I feel the need to write and publish, it’ll be there.

I’ve also started a little project in my first attempt to make a difference, now being referred to by several people as Change The World. One of the first people I proposed the idea to summed it up nicely as, “So, exactly like FML except not at all.” It basically asks the question: What have you done to change the world today? and gives people a place to submit what they’ve done, no matter how big or small, that made someone’s day, made the world a little brighter, and hopefully inspired that person, or witnesses perhaps, to do the same, every day.



  1. Silv said,

    Well it’s sad to see you go. Hopefully I will catch you online in the near future so we can chat. as for the rest of your life good luck, we@re rooting for you. Stupid crAppy iPod keyboard…

    • Alright, I’ve usually got MSN up any time I’m at the computer so it shouldn’t be hard to get hold of me. While I’m sad about not being able to do as much as I used to, and will miss things like WoW, overall I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life, and the support I’ve gotten from everyone so far about this decision has been really heartwarming. Thank you, you guys are awesome ❤

  2. Tam said,

    Wow, sad to see you go, of course but … wow … I wish you the best, in whatever you do. And good luck changing the world 🙂

    • Thank you! Though it turns out I’m not completely gone. You and Chas are still excellent at giving me things to think about/want to reply to even without WoW, which is a large reason why I went ahead and started a non-WoW blog. Probably only fitting that you inspired me to create not only my WoW blog, but a more general/personal one as well :P.

      Thank you again, very much, for the luck and well wishes! I’m really lucky to have some of the best friends in the world, even if I’ve never met most of them in person (and I still consider you a friend although the majority of our communication has been blogging and commenting).

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