October 26, 2010

Not dead, just busy

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As far as the lack of posting goes, things got insanely busy all of a sudden. Sadly one of the downsides of working from home, such as it is, in my case at least, seems that everything’s either really slow or super-super busy. Just when I was getting back on track, too.

Anywho, most of my online time lately has been spent trying to get Ruvi to 80 in a hurry so I can get the latest achievement, the Hallow’s End’s one, on him… I don’t know why I seem to want titles on him I never wanted even on Adu, but I do. There has been a bit of time spent farming old world stuff on Adu and Mani, for mounts and enchant formulas respectively, but beyond that, yeah, all Ruvi.

Speaking of which, Ruvi will officially be my raiding main in Cataclysm by the looks of things, while I will be giving a PvP guild another go on Adu. Well… that’s the plan, at least. The guild I’ve got her in (apparently going to be trying to BG with the group ahead of time on her to prepare for rated BGs) is the guild of a good friend who I’m sure I’ve mentioned here at least once… He was pretty much the only reliable raider that wasn’t an officer in Tattered Legends when we were raiding before. He left and started up and “old world” raiding guild, which had strict rules and capped themselves at 60 to raid then progress together to 70, and then branched off, some still raiding, while the others went to a newly formed guild (himself included) to be an 80 raiding guild (85 in Cata). He and I actually have, or at least had, tentative plans to sort of alliance our guilds together so we didn’t suffer from number issues again, and we’ve proven we work well together before, but recently they decided they were going to “branch out” in Cataclysm and have both separate PvE and PvP aspects, though people are allowed to do either or both.

As of yet we don’t know if our schedules will mesh or if either of us will actually have numbers issues, so the alliance plans are still very tentative, however I’ve put Aduial into his guild for the PvP aspect. I’d had her in a PvP guild already for a short time before it broke up, and it had its pros and cons, and while there was talk of that guild reforming in Cata I’m honestly not as sure that’s the sort of PvPing I’d want to be doing again, while the one I’ve got her in now I’m almost 100% certain is exactly what I was looking for in a PvP guild. So here’s hoping.

As for the guide! I’m really sorry I haven’t worked on it (at least not visibly) further. Honestly, I’m rather stuck on the rotation part, though I keep thinking on it a lot (and practicing and trying to figure it out on Ruvi). One of the big hangups for me is that now, well, he doesn’t really have a rotation, honestly. I can press a random number of buttons a lot of the time and do good DPS, which… well, rather saddens me. I also want it to be a good leveling guide, in a way, so I can’t just assume everyone reading it for assistance will have all the tools that Ruvi has at 69… Er, well, 70 now (he just hit a bit before I started writing this post up). So I’m having to go back and see what levels are what spells and try to figure it all out and… It’s taking longer than it should, really, but I am still rolling it around in my head and trying to figure it out, and once I have it won’t take near as long to write the rest up, then polish it up, add in links, all that jazz, and actually have it finally finished!

Beyond all that I do have some other goodies I’m working on, and hopefully will be able to post at least some of them as soon as things start calming down again and I can get my head above water around here.


August 30, 2010

Looks like we’re not as dead as I thought

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So for whatever reason, people in PUGs really seem to like Ithraen and I. I mentioned before about at least one person we met in a PUG who changed servers to play with us, there was the priest who rerolled a rogue last post, and then of course there’s Eric over at Out of Range who had transferred his main after playing with us on his paladin (although he was already here on his paladin and a guildy over in SnM, we hadn’t really talked a whole lot before doing our first dungeon, so I’m counting him here). And despite not really, you know, seeing our appeal as being that great, it happens surprisingly often (at least to me). Tattered Legends also has a new priest (or, okay, 2 and a druid) who’s been as active as the rest of us since rerolling, which in and of itself is surprising… We have a DK who was a warlock we met who rerolled that hasn’t signed on in a couple months, which is what I usually expect of people who reroll; they still have mains aside from us who get priority, and, in time, they just… forget to login to WrA at all.

We’d met her while doing randoms on his druid and my mage (who are now actually in their thirties, though a wee bit stalled there), and we of course ended up doing several runs together. Most of them (actually, all of them, now that I think about it) were Scarlet Monastery Graveyard. We learned sort of the hard way that the last room respawns… fairly quickly. We’d requeued at one point and I’d teleported out while they stayed in, and they ended up in combat… So I ported back in and started running, keeping blink on CD, and then I reached the actual graveyard. The mobs we’d killed with the group were back. So I’m soloing the ones I have to in an attempt to get to them, and then… they die. “Yeah, you’re not going to make it back inside, Ruvi.” That was the last time I ported out before they did.

Anyway, this was a couple days ago, and after we were done dungeoning she rolled up a new little priest on our realm. She was actually trying to level her to catch up to us, got to 6 before she started dragging through levels. While she was leveling and we were all talking, Ith and I had switched toons; he to his priest, I to Mani to check on auctions and do all that jazz. All of a sudden over guildchat there’s a bunch of random letters and along the lines of, “I should have known better than that.” This was from the mini-priest… followed by Veive getting Duel-licious. This of course piqued my interest so I ran out to where they were, and we all ended up taking turns dueling and just basically hanging around. I think my favorite part of that was still, “Here. Let me heal you. *Holy Shocks, wins the duel, instant FoLs them back to full.*” But maybe I’m just easily amused.

The three of us were out there for at least an hour I think, I didn’t really keep time, and were joined later by Nosher (Esgal’s real life friend who he got into WoW a bit late, so we haven’t run much with him but he’s been a regular member in TL for a long time now) who hung out for a while, too.

Well, by about mid-point yesterday our mini-priest, Peeps, had met the whole active TL crew (all 5 of us) and we’d all gotten along great, so she ended up deciding to just transfer her higher priest over. So now we actually have about 5 people in the same level range (that isn’t 80!) for once in a long time, though until 40 we lack a tank (Ith decided to go DPS until then). And since Ith and I seem to have the most time to play, with Peeps coming in second there, it’s been interesting trying to sort of keep our levels together; Eric’s got his healing druid at 33, there’s Peeps (who’s Shadow) and I at 31, Ith at 30, and Esgal’s sort-of-Shadow, sort-of-Disc priest trailing in at something like 28 or 29.

I actually have very little faith Ith and I (and probably Peeps, too) won’t end up outleveling the other two.. or at least Esgal. But here’s hoping we’ll be able to stay together at least until 60, because Esgal’s really been wanting to underman UBRS at level again (we’d done it a long time ago and had a blast, so I think he’s hoping it’ll be as much fun doing it again on different toons). Though I’m still looking forward to trying it on our 80s with me healing 2 warlock tanks through it (which we almost did night before last but didn’t really have the time for it).

Oh, and since I’ve already gone just about everywhere with this post (sorry!), there’s been a few small changes in site layout, if anyone’s noticed. There was an RSS/subscribe module at the top of the right column that I ended up removing, and I added in a couple RSS feeds at the bottom, the first with my US characters’ activity and the second with my EU character’s. I don’t know if those will actually stay, but at the time I thought they could be a neat addition… On second thought it may just be an odd thing to have there, so I’ll see how it works out (and any feedback on the changes would be loved!).

July 19, 2010

Why, euro-blizz, why do you hate me so

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As a bit of a, er, preamble I suppose, I’ve been tempted about having two WoW accounts for a good couple of years now; and I don’t just mean two US ones, since I do have that already though one’s frozen since I didn’t play it much at the time, but a US one and an EU one. I’ve had many friends over on the EU servers, one of which especially who tried to get me to play over there so that I could play with him, but at the time we didn’t figure my computer/internet could handle the latency (since I am located in the US), so instead he ended up getting a US client and US copies of the game. I’ve been tempted several times since, especially because of the SAN over there since several of my favorite bloggers are in the EU, and because I finally had a bit of downtime today (yay insomnia?) and have a computer/internet connection that should be capable of it… I somehow ended up over on the EU site, creating an account, and downloading the trial.

I’d planned to see just what kind of latency I’d be looking at exactly before making any further plans, much less, you know, spending money on something I might not even be able to use. Well, apparently the trial version streams the data needed live, or something, so there’s a lot more, ah, stress on it than on a full client? I’m not entirely sure since those messages sort of, well, confused me a bit… but I ended up getting DC’d a few times and having general problems with logging in, but I finally managed that, then finally managed to make a character before it DC’d me, named her and whatnot, finally got into the game…

Level 1 went… fairly smoothly, actually. I’d made a warrior, pretty much a mini-Kas, fitting since she was my second character and the name of my first was taken (/cry). The lag was surprisingly minimal, I had good FPS, and my latency was actually lower than on WrA. Not sure how that happened, but eh, I wasn’t complaining. Was actually starting to think I might just use the EU account as a way to sort of wind down  instead of Bejeweled or Chuzzle or Solitaire like I currently do, and that I might actually play it enough to make it worth paying for.

And… Ding, level 2!

Wait, disconnected? Bah.

I put in my information again and hit login, and… What? I’m banned? What the hell for?!

I couldn’t think of a single thing that could ban me that I could find, though maybe I’m just blind or so out of it that I just missed it, but I don’t know. I was on the EU client it gave me, my information was accurate, I didn’t even have any addons or the like, I’d not said a single word or done anything that would get me banned, unless just… playing from the US is a bannable offense, all of a sudden? Though I can’t imagine it would be since I know of many others that do it, did a few searches and couldn’t find anything aside from forum posts that were just ‘how to’s,’ and apparently some people had even called Billing Support to be able to pay but had no other problems, much less a ban for it.

I supposedly have an email in my inbox stating why I was banned. I did not, and I do not. I went to the link I was supposed to and to the form from there that I was directed to if I didn’t get such an email, but, of course!, it required a CD key to inquire properly. Now, why would I have a CD key when not an hour earlier I’d just created the account to try it?

I ended up selecting “other” and described the situation in the space provided, and, fingers-crossed, that will do the trick. Maybe it was just an accident or something and everything will be cleared up soon, maybe I did scan over something crucial, I don’t know but I’m hoping to find out soon (assuming the next email doesn’t get lost somewhere, too, at least…).

As for Tattered Legends, no I haven’t quit there, or anything. Though I’ll admit I’ve been slacking a bit due to real life issues not giving me much time at all to even login or touch the computer most days until yesterday. However I’m back on, spent a good chunk of time on there last night, likely will again tonight and (hopefully) start getting things going again. Though there’s still the problem of the missing raid leader/main tank, unfortunately, even though he seems to be home again, just… out of touch, or something. Heck if I know, hardly anyone’s heard from him in days, and we may end up needing to get a replacement at this rate, but for now we’re working on getting the group geared and one of my officers is pushing for us to progress starting through Naxx instead of Uld as planned, and he’ll be leading that, so we’ll cross that hurdle when we come to it seeing as we have a couple tanks capable of tanking Naxx at least.

I just hope we’re not still in Naxx come Cataclysm, since trying to “progress” through Naxx is one of the things that seemed to do us in last go around, but at this point it’s either give in or lose my last raid leader and one of our main raid healers/our only priest… And I’m not sure which would be the worst way to kill TL.

Edit: Still no email from Euro-Blizz (what, was I expecting them to be quick about it? silly me), so I found something to do in the mean time. Sort of. I hadn’t been aware that I can have both EU and US accounts on the same, well, account. At least, the same battle.net account. So I read through everything all over again more thoroughly this time before adding a EU trial to my current account, should be in the clear… And after fighting with the installer for around 30 minutes, got that going, I’ve now technically got both (full!) clients installed, though the first of the patches for EU is at, uh.. *looks* 11%. …That could take a while. Starting to think this could be a perfect time to get around to reading one of my new…ish… books I picked up but haven’t had a chance to read yet.

July 4, 2010

A partial week in the life

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So this week was supposed to be the big come-back week for TL and all, but things have… Deeefinitely not gone as planned. For many reasons. Here’s a glimpse of why:

Sunday – Find out Ithraen, who is our raid leader, will be taking a sudden trip to New York in about 3 days. For a week. May or may not have internet access, though it seemed likely that he would.

Monday – Our raid assist is hacked. Almost everything is now missing from Tattered Legend’s guild bank, though thankfully our secondary bank was spared. Unfortunately all our feasts, flasks, etc are now gone. Put on hold the heroics spamming we were doing to help gear people up to do damage control.

Tuesday – Our raid assist gets his account back though things are still missing, and he doesn’t have enough gear to go. We start an ‘action plan’ that would have him geared enough to raid with us by raid time, only for Ithraen to bail for personal reasons, which left us with little option for gearing him in time. Queue about two hours of personal freaking out because for that time his hunter was the only person with the key to Malygos (who was the weekly). Not long before raid time I find out our main healer also has a key–yay, the raid is saved. Except then everyone’s late. Aaand we can’t down the boss. Queue discussions, and canceling of this week’s Ulduar runs in favor of heroic runs instead.

Wednesday – I end up spending a good chunk of the day offline, but make a point before getting on to start making “to do” lists again so that I can (hopefully) be more organized. Things start getting checked off exceedingly slowly (for example, I had planned a post for like.. Thursday at most). Get on and… heroics don’t happen.

Thursday & Friday – Again, spend most of these two days offline dealing with things in real life. By the time I got home Friday I also took time out of my schedule to start clearing out some of my heavily backlogged emails (up to about 2,000 unread since I have a bad habit of reading just the most important ones and leaving the rest to deal with “later”… and of course, later never comes). I’d subscribed myself some time in the past, little more than a year ago, actually, to several WoW email lists, mainly pertaining to different ways to get gold. Most of these have stopped giving tips and started “Oh, you need this guide, or that one, hey there’s a sale on this one!” and I usually just ignore them, but… I ended up clicking the link on one that gave away a free sort of ‘mini-guide’, which I ended up downloading, and… it actually gave good tips, including one that I’d discovered for myself about a month into Wrath and had never seen posted anywhere, as well as a tip pertaining only to RP servers, which I also never see. And since this one was on “sale” (I never believe they’re really on sale or going to hack the prices up since I’ve seen these falsely so many other times, but it was still a good..ish… price), I went ahead and bit the bullet, and got it. Of course, the money-back guarantee if I don’t so much as like the font helps. Start redownloading a couple recommended addons that I’d fallen out of using but used to have, as well as a new one that I’d only skimmed over before and had missed the utility in it, and trying to configure them and start scanning as well as read more of the guide. This ends up taking up most of my night.

Saturday – I had many things scheduled in reality as well as there was supposed to be Naxx at 4pm server, and ended up getting an.. extremely.. late start. I’d had alarms set to alert me when I needed to be on to start getting ready for Naxx (starting at 1 hour and 15 minutes before the start time) and they all failed me. Miserably so. Again. And so I didn’t get on until 2 hours after Naxx was supposed to start, to find out… Our raid leader who is now in New York but had promised to be able to make Naxx at least if at all possible had not even shown up, and hadn’t bothered to sign in for 3 days. So, of course, Naxx never happened. We’d also planned to sort of ‘test’ everyone in Naxx to see if we were up to Uld or maybe take another stab at Maly on Sunday, however that… doesn’t look like it’s happening, given that we didn’t do Naxx.

So now it’s Sunday and it doesn’t look good for getting a raid in tonight or… possibly even much going next week, at this rate, beyond possibly heroics which I am hoping for at the least. Thankfully, we’re working with an extremely patient group who are seemingly just happy for the learning environment and the chance, so it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting the flak there like I’d expected, though that doesn’t stop me from beating myself up over failing them, or my guild. And regardless of whether anyone else views it as a failure, not being able to pull everything together seemingly perfectly (and, oh, I do know that will never happen, but I know it can look that way to people who don’t know what goes into it and such), not being able to at least get us raiding somehow, or get something organized going without falling through the floor… I view that as a failure on my part.

Maybe I’m just impatient and wanting things to go perfectly from the get-go, or something. I know we have a lot of potential here despite being completely displeased with how things are going and at what rate (though I was one of the first during Maly to point out we were making significant progress with each attempt, and to an extent that was good enough for me), and maybe I should just relax and not rush things. I don’t know. Maybe I just worry and stress too much, as a very good friend of mine who I’ve been sort of venting to and bouncing ideas off of is quick to say, and that very much may be true… and I very likely should start listening to him more rather than being bullheaded and stubborn and trying to do everything myself and make it perfect. I know I’ve got a lot of friends here who would do anything they could for the guild and I just write it off sometimes and try to do it myself, and I stress when I can’t be on like I want to, or think I need to, to do X or restock Y or talk to Z about N, even though real life should take priority and does over it. Or maybe this is all normal and I just need to ride it out.

Anyone else gone through any of this, or anything similar? Any thoughts, suggestions, comments… criticism, help? I know I’m not the best at this job, but I want to do right by my guild, and I know I don’t give the most details here, but… I think I could definitely use a bit of structuring to fit this role.

June 30, 2010

Well that was interesting.

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Today (well, yesterday, at this point) was one of the most… interesting… days I’ve had in WoW in quite a long time. It was supposed to be the day Tattered Legends came back on the raid scene in a big flourish, or something. Of course, however, that was the farthest thing from what happened.

As indicated in our previous posts, our raid assist got hacked, and all of our raiding stuff was taken from the guild bank. The raid we were supposed to do tonight? Whatever the weekly was, unless it was Ulduar (where we’re going to start progression runs), in which case we would do Obsidian Sanctum and just zerg Sarth 3D for titles. Unfortunately, the weekly was Malygos, and for several hours it looked like the only person we had going who had the key… was our raid assist, on his hunter. And he got his account back, but almost all of his gear was missing (everything that could be sold was gone, to be precise). We started about 5 hours before the raid trying to gear him up in time to do it, counting on having Ith to run heroics since he’s not only a great tank, and ensures instant queues for quick badges for him, but also pulls normally 3-4k DPS in heroics which would help cover for what our raid assist now lacked. But then Ithraen had to go and that plan fell through.

So it went… Okay, we won’t do Maly. We’ll do OS… oh, wait, we needed our raid assist’s 5k DPS to help cover where anyone else might slack. Shit. Okay… We’ll just do Saph to grab one of us the key and save everything else for Naxx on Satur–… okay, guys, I can’t do a raid by myself.

And I ended up slowly watching every option slowly.. fall.. through.. the ground. Painfully so.

Until about an hour, maybe an hour and a half before our scheduled raid time, when Emere logged on… Who… actually had the key. Out of all the people we had scheduled to go, he was the only one. So Maly was back on the schedule and because vehicle UIs tend to glitch out on my new UI I went to look up the buttons while Em tried pre-explaining the fight to me (he was one of only 2 people in the whole group who had done Maly before), which, of course, confused the hell out of me… So I finally figured out a way to make wowwiki’s information stick (normally looking up strats and fights just confuse me without being there to see what’s being talked about, so I end up more clueless than people who hadn’t looked them up). I just read through the attacks, when they happen, etc, ended up sort of coming up with a strategy in my head as I read, which… turned out to be the proper strategy to use. Yay.

So I’m reading this and planning until about 15 minutes before, went and reglyphed since I wanted to be able to get in two Holy Shocks during Vortex… 10 minutes until the raid, I’m wondering where Ith is, since he was supposed to be back by then. Text him, and… He thought it was cancelled. Of course. So he starts driving back home, will be late… and was also supposed to be our raid leader but is absolutely clueless about the fights. Woot.

So I ended up not even sending invites until the start time. 5 minutes after Em gets back from getting a drink… Start filling out the group… Ith actually makes it before we’re ready to PUG… End up with only one short.

And I’m not sure I’ve discussed it here yet, but we’ve ended up having a sort of “alliance” with another guild that had moved over to WrA from another server due to a mutual friend/guildy’s recommendation, to start raiding with SnM, and they were shunned/kicked out… when they’d all but bent over backwards to be what SnM supposedly needed for raiding, and said mutual friend/guildy ended up managing to talk them into raiding with us, after I got to know their leader and talk with her a bit. They’d been wanting to be a raiding guild but had had the same problems Tattered Legends used to have–lack of numbers, and they’d been even more unwilling to PUG than us, so the majority of them had never raided before. However the leader knew fairly well where her people stood gearwise and ability-wise, and only handed us certain names that she knew should be capable of doing whatever and were likely to be able to make it.

So between Ith, Em, two of the original TL crew, the other group, and I, we had 9 people… And I asked in vent (oh, and the other guild is kindly letting us use their vent for raids until we’ve got ours set up) if they had one more DPS, and… they actually did. This was the first time, ever, that Tattered Legends had a raid and did not have to PUG someone. I was shocked. And… thought things were going to go great.

Just to recap: We only have one person with the key, who also ended up being raid leader, leading his first raid ever, in the mess I ended up being Master Looter when I absolutely fail at loot distribution, only 2 people in the group had been to Maly before, and a good chunk of the raid had never raided before, period.

We get all get summoned, and one of our DPS is being knocked offline, repeatedly, apparently due to an addon several others had turned on… So we have to get everyone who has it to turn that off, despite much confusion… Then go to head on in, and one of the people gets lost because they thought the portal was above the building rather than inside. Get that straightened out, and we have four paladins, so we start assigning buffs, which… get screwed up because one of the paladins has Pally Power and apparently can’t buff without it.

As a side note, from now on, Pally Power must be turned off before entering a Tattered Legends Raid. Seriously. It is not that hard to just buff people with the buff you are assigned by hand, or to watch for when it falls off (very easy with greaters–buff yourself then everyone else, watch for when it falls off yourself, then rebuff everyone), or to pay attention and if someone dies, rebuff them after they get rezzed. There is nothing Pally Power does that cannot be done by communicating and paying attention, both of which should be done anyway, and as far as I’m concerned, will be done in our raids. On top of that it just forks with everything if some people have it and some people don’t–and there will always be at least one paladin in our group who will not have it.

Anyway, moving on… After spending a good couple minutes dealing with buffs, Em begins the explanation in vent, fairly succinctly but with everything covered, gets through it, and… people are saying just tell them what to do as needed. H’okay. Maly is a confusing fight for first timers, hell, just about any fight is, and sure maybe a very quick resummarization of what we’re doing as needed could be good, but not for every single difference or personally, when the raid leader is completely new and I’m completely surprised he’s not breaking down or freaking out or screaming or something already. Thankfully he handled it extremely well and was a natural at it.

So we pull. And I screw up and stand in the cleave, because everyone started taking so. much. damage. and I was too focused on the green bars to see where I was. And I’m getting screamed at in vent. Shit. Run this way, run to the side… Oh crap, have to judge.. Okay, good, good… And people keep taking damage. I wasn’t the only one who can’t separate a head from a tail, apparently. There ends up being like one or two people on discs towards the end and we reach berserk with many 1 Scion down. So we try again.

And again. And again.

Eventually people get the hang of killing the sparks though it takes a couple more tries before they get the hang of, well, standing in them afterwards. And then there’s the spark at the head. Oh, joy. Did they.. did they really just tell my tank to turn a dragon… with a cleave… around to face my raid, so they can kill the spark? Oh, he’s told them off, good, good. Moving on.

Okay, which retadin just taunted the dragon?! ..Oh, it’s the one that got cleaved when Maly had the 50% damage buff and is now laying dead with the other DPS that couldn’t get away from the head. Okay then. And there’s only one DPS above 5k… The only one above the tank… And the healer is pulling more than that one… And there’s another berserk. H’okay, trying again.

Obviously, we were in there for a long while. About 6 or 7 tries, I think. We did almost get him down at one point, and we did make very noticeable progress each attempt (by adding anywhere from 45sec to 1min to the enrage timer than we’d had last time). And while Maly lives (for now), all things considered it wasn’t… completely horrible. I mean, like I said, there was very noticeable progress each time and I’m fairly certain we would’ve been able to down him if we’d had just one more try, because we were so close, but our druid healer had to go because he could no longer concentrate due to a massive headache, and a shaman + paladin healer duo doesn’t make the best for Vortex, when instants are.. fairly crucial.

Thankfully the ones we, being TL,  were personally responsible for bringing pulled their weight with only one screwup (that was later dealt with), so that only left the other group. So after the raid cleared out and it was just Em, Ith, the other group’s leader and I, we sat and talked. We discussed what happened, what went wrong, what needed to change, etc, and it went over well. In the end the whole group is really willing to take whatever advice we can give them and actually put it to use, to the point two of the people had respecced, reglyphed, and were working on re-gemming, as well as had been taught the proper rotations, etc. which should help them out a lot.

Tonight (since today is technically Wednesday now, here) was supposed to be part one of Ulduar, though it’s been cancelled in favor of spamming heroics to get gear for whoever needs it, partially because of them needing gear as well as the fact that it was decided they were not quite Uld-ready yet, and it is not practical for us to try to lead a TL raid on Ulduar when we’d be PUGing 7 out of 10 people (since Ithraen will be on a bus to New York during our raid time). We will likely either do more heroics Sunday (when part 2 of Uld was originally scheduled) or we may take another crack at Malygos, since everyone will be fresh out of Naxx and should have better coordination.

Overall, things look bright for us, if awkward and scattered. Or maybe I’m just optimistic. But hey… Even if our DPS needs to be worked with, we’re willing to help as long as they’re willing to work with us, and not having to PUG? That’s what I’m talking about.

June 28, 2010

Hackers need to die. In a freaking FIRE or pool of acid or something equally horrific.

Posted in Guild things, News, Tattered Legends at 10:18 pm by Aduial of WrA

No, I didn’t get hacked, but our raid assist did. About 10 hours ago, by the looks of things. Went through every single one of their alts and took everything they could.

Subsequently we’ve lost several thousand gold worth of items, including BOEs, plans, flasks, feasts, etc.

Yes, we already have a ticket in, and we’re doing all we can, but this is so.. so.. GAH.

And yes yes I know it will be alright eventually and that Blizzard will restore everything and that we should have had better security and an authenticator before and to not get upset because supposedly that lets them win or some shit but quite frankly I do believe I have every right and am justified in being pissed and upset and frustrated that everything is gone and that we even have to go through this stuff.

Also, we were planning to have our first raid tomorrow evening and following through with it with a progression run Wednesday, but they took all of our feasts, flasks, etc, and what we needed to make more.

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