August 25, 2010

Sweet PUGs are not made of shot beartanks

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So at some point yesterday I managed to talk Ith into tanking on his druid before he hit 20 with surprisingly little protest (and despite his believing he sucks, he’s actually getting the hang of it quite quickly). We did a bit of a test run, just the two of us, into Ragefire Chasm, and a few pulls in he decided it was apparently good enough and we plunked ourselves into LFD.

Things went well for a while. Next to last run of the night, we ended up with a neat little warlock, who, one pull from the boss I noticed, was from our realm. Awesome. We finished that run (which was Deadmines) and then queued up again as a group (well, the two of us plus the warlock at least) and… got Wailing Caverns. Neither Ith nor I really like WC, and after our last run with it earlier that evening we’d decided if we got it again, we’d just drop (he needed gear from the random bags so specificing wasn’t an option, unfortunately).

However, we sort of wanted to keep the lock. So we started. By this time Esgal had logged in and we were chatting in our officer channel, until we got WC of course, when it turned to grumbling. We didn’t really see a way to drop without seeming like jerks, but Esgal… sort of… came up with a way. However I’m fairly certain he had been joking.

Apparently he needed an excuse afterall.

I didn’t think to screenshot at the time, so those are from me scrolling up after I was back in Silvermoon. Also I apparently missed the part where the paladin DPS immediately dropped with alarming speed, so it’s not in the screenshots, but it happened.

That ended up being the last we ran last night, despite trying to random with Esgal’s priest, who turned out to be just a wee bit too high to random with us. However we started up again today, and he’d gotten a couple levels while I’d slept so we were out of WC range and fully into Stocks range. Which we got. A lot.

After a few runs LFD plunked us in with a priest, paladin, and hunter. One of the first things said were along the lines of this:

“Hmm, we have rez sickness…”

So I look, and… The paladin and priest have rez sickness indeed. It took me a moment to realize, hey, that priest is our healer. Start inward groans. Ith just said that we’d go super slow, and we started. And it turned out to be one of the quickest runs of the morning, in around 4 minutes. The paladin’s DPS was (of course) crap, but he actually used his skills, you know, well. And the healer was just absolutely amazing considering she hadn’t trained and had rez sickness and we had a few, uh, overpulls. On top of it they were actually fun to talk to. So we requeued. Repeatedly.

I lost track of how many runs we did with the pair (they were from the same realm/guild, too, and turns out were also RAF’d) before the paladin had to go and the group pretty much dissolved. However before anyone dropped, the priest whispered me saying she wanted to roll a toon on our realm and to hold on so she could write my name down, and thus within a few minutes WrA had a new rogue, and it was awesome.

The three of us ended up just talking for I don’t know how long until she had to go to bed, but it turned out to be a pretty awesome morning, and had me wishing more PUGs like that existed.


August 23, 2010

“If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.”

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Gah, okay, one day I really will learn to stop making drafts and just post. Eventually. This is the culmination of around two days’ kicking my own rear into gear, so hopefully this will be the last time I go off the radar for a while (at least unexpectedly).

Since my last post I have been playing solely on US servers again, and my baby warrior and her priesty partner are now in their forties, which is good… except that we’re in Maraudon’s Pristine Waters range so the dungeon finder tool keeps dropping us in there, and for whatever reason it just seems like the levels wouldn’t come anymore. So after a bit of a, err, masochistic trial on my part we decided to give those two a break to let them get some rested XP stacked up while we play new toons. Well, sort of new.

I’ve had a low level mage for a while now, and despite normally wanting to fill either a tanking or healing role I actually, so far… enjoy him. He’d originally been part of a group of four: Esgal had rerolled a paladin, Ithraen rerolled rogue, as did Kyrem, and I’d rerolled the mage, and we’d planned to get through the starting areas on our own then level the four together. Well… that didn’t work, and I was pretty much the only one to continue leveling (I also seemed to be the faster leveler of the group, for whatever reason). He was level fourteen when I shelfed him, originally to let the others catch up, though they all stayed around level 10 at most.

So a few nights ago, after some complications, I ended up wanting to play by myself and just sort of… let off steam, I guess. I actually don’t really enjoy my eighties anymore, so I didn’t consider them options, so I looked down my character list. I’d completely forgotten about the little cowgirl I’d rolled on another realm for this purpose… and ended up choosing Uruvion, my mage. His professions are herbalism and inscription, and is actually the only toon I have on WrA (at least on this account) that has those, so I was leveling them a bit, ended up going out to a spot in Eversong and farming Bloodthistle for a couple hours while killing any of the mobs I aggro’d. Before long I ended up hitting level 15, and decided, what the heck, I want to dungeon on this guy.

So I went to Silvermoon, made sure my bags were empty of any excess, got myself all buffed up, made sure I had enough food and water conjured, sat beside the trainer, and dropped myself into LFD.

And there I sat. For over two hours. Needing only a tank.

This of course came as a bit of a shock to me. I’d heard DPS queues were bad, sure… but I was used to chaining instances on a tank/healer combo, and actually any of my pairs with Ithraen usually have a tank, or at least a healer, so I can’t remember the last time (if ever) that I had to wait this long. Well, except that one time on my alli-pally where we waited just shy of three hours for a DPS, but I’d been lucky to get a talkative group and we had fun nonetheless.

I also couldn’t help but remember all the times on Cele that we’d get an instant queue, only for it to time out because one of the DPS didn’t respond. It had aggravated me a touch so I didn’t want to do that on Ruvi, much less did I want to have to sit through a long queue again because I missed it popping… So I didn’t even dare get too far from my computer.

During this time, as I think most people would end up, my perspective changed. A lot. And it continued changing throughout the night.

A little after two hours (rebuffing every thirty minutes on the dot, too), it finally popped, and in I went. Trying my best to be a good little mage, I offered food or water, which no one wanted, and off we went. And I’m casting, and then the mob’s dead. And I notice the tank is… a 21 paladin. Which, I guess, makes sense, since paladins don’t even get consecrate until level 20, so I didn’t think much of it all things considered. At least we had a tank. I also didn’t get much practice on how to play a mage.

End of the run, everyone drops, I plunk back in, and a half hour wait was so much more tolerable. Second group, different paladin ‘tank,’ this one level 15 (so didn’t even have a taunt), and a level 16 retadin who ended up tanking more often than not. Well, aside from the massive groups I’d end up tanking because I can’t stand to see healers be hit, and I seemed to be the only one capable of holding aggro on more than one mob. Even when I was just wanding.

I ended up getting that same ‘tank’ the rest of the night, for several runs, even when we didn’t queue together (though hey, at that point I was thinking any tank was better than none, so we did end up queuing as a group quite often). That night I also watched the morals I had as a tank slowly disappear. Towards the end we had a steady group, aside from revolving door healers.

There was the paladin tank who couldn’t, but darned if he didn’t try (and I do respect his trying). There was the shaman who was average, though didn’t seem to speak English as a first language, but took the time to get quests to share with us. Then there was the warrior, who would charge in before the tank, heck, often times before we were done with the last group, never bothered to thunderclap so he just ended up usually making things harder (but the poor tank did his best regardless to take aggro back, bless him), who needed on just about anything that dropped. Unfortunately even the tank ended up needing seemingly randomly after a while.

Had I been on my tank, I wouldn’t have stood for that, of course. As I said, as a tank I have morals. Ninjas are bad. DPS should wait for the tank to pull. People who purposefully pull just to be a dick gets to tank what they pull, usually without heals. But on my mage? Hey, we had a tank! Things are dieing, I’m getting experience, and I’m not needing any of the things dropping, so why worry? I ended up not caring. At first when I pulled aggro on accident, I’d apologize. By the end of the night when there was an AOE pull, I’d start it off just to make sure I had aggro and the healer didn’t. If I pulled from the tank, oh well.

The next time I played Cele, the morals were back… for the most part. I did find I was a lot more lenient than I usually was. I found myself not caring when others pulled for me, for example, unless it ended up almost wiping us (or actually wiping us), but then I’d just say something about it in a joking manner. I didn’t actually tell the DPS not to. The spine I’d worked long and hard to develop as a tank was suddenly very, very flexible, and I was more stressed than normal.

I wish I’d thought to ask then how the runs were going for the DPS. I couldn’t tell if there was any more or less stress on Veive, well, aside from a couple total asshats we ended up getting. I’d been tolerant to them, too–after all, who knows how long they’d been stuck in the queue? That kind of queue could make a lot of people feel like being jerks. The last run we did before temporarily shelving those two, though, we ended up with a particularly bad one who made me wonder if perhaps having a, er, flexible spine is a bad thing.

We were in Mara, purple crystals, which was on the low side for Veive and I, so it wasn’t terribly difficult. Things were going well for a while, perhaps about half the dungeon. The warlock was Rain of Fire’ing, and Veive made an off-hand comment, “Man.. Raid of Fire looks so lame now…” The warlock shoots something back that seemed to be joking, Veive jokes back, the warlock goes off. He apparently had not been joking. He’s saying Veive was dissing the class, he’s immature for doing so, that he’s… well, many expletives I shan’t repeat here. Now, knowing Veive, it hadn’t been meant as anything like that, and I say so. I also mention that I doubt he’s dissing a class that he has played all the way to 80 and loved. I’m thinking he either meant compared to some Shadow spells (since he’d recently dual-specced Shadow), or perhaps just because the novelty wore off from the first time he Rain of Fired.

But no, the warlock would have none of it, and kept berating Veive. And Veive, being who he is, delighted in such and kept, well, poking the warlock. Veive, well, he likes to poke idiots, to paraphrase him, it’s almost like picking at scabs for him, I suppose, and normally I would’ve let him without paying much attention, but this warlock reminded me a bit too much of someone I used to know, so it was getting to me, and a couple pulls later I halt the group and manage to talk them both into stopping. And so we continue, without further incident, until the last boss. We down him, and then… as if the warlock had typed it already in preparation… came one last, long paragraph of cursing Veive, berating him, generally being a prick, and he dropped. Veive apologizes that the other DPS (who had been mostly silent) had to put up with that, and they actually sort of cheered that the warlock was gone, and tell Veive he wasn’t a problem at all, just that the warlock was.

Silent runs aren’t uncommon, and I know I’m not the first to comment on that. Veive and I are used to being the only ones talking in party, with the others either ignoring us or just choosing not to talk themselves. Would those two DPS have stayed silent if not for the warlock? I don’t know, but I didn’t think much of their silence at the time until the end, when they, well, weren’t silent anymore. Before my experience with Ruvi, I probably would’ve kicked the warlock when things started getting out of hand instead of just trying to get them to chill out so we could finish the run. And it seemed the other DPS would’ve rather I had… So perhaps, for all the griping about tanks doing this or that… Perhaps, just perhaps, it is necessary for a better environment afterall.

As for dipping my toes into the solo-DPS gig, I’m done with that for a while. Uruvion will no longer be one of my solo toons; I’ll be leveling him while Cele gets some rested XP, and Ithraen’s rolled a little cow druid who’ll be my pocket tank while Veive gets some rested XP. Well, he’ll be my pocket tank after he gets himself to 20, at least, since he doesn’t want to tank before then (and I went ahead and got Ruvi to 20 to be even with him when we start).

Now, to just stop procrastinating where my EU account is concerned and stop worrying about how long I’ve been offline and just get my butt back on…

Edit: Of course, in my dallying, I’ve ended up running out of time on my EU account. /facepalm.

August 3, 2010

do it for joy and you can do it forever

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Hoo, apologies, folks, this is much, much later than I’d expected it to be. Ended up taking a rather extended and completely unexpected trip over the weekend, left Thursday evening and got back yesterday, and had neither internet nor even a phone with me, so writing this up when I’d planned on it ended up, well, not happening. In the least. But now I’m home and I’ve rested so that my thoughts are more easily put into a cohesive post, so that’s what I’m doing (though I feel I should note I may end up having to take another trip soon since things here are still quite unstable in that area, and if I do have to then I again won’t be able to post).

I’m in your foreign realms talking on your guildchat

Okay, well, not right this moment, of course, and I haven’t even been on WoW since before the trip, but since that was working out I finally got up the courage to ask for a guild invite on my highest paladin there (I believe I’ve mentioned somewhere before I am actually extremely shy, so getting up the courage to actually whisper someone for an invite was considerably harder for me than it realistically ever should have been; the double-edged sword here, as well, was that I didn’t have the guts to ask someone in the guild whose name I didn’t recognize, but the names I recognized were bloggers I very much enjoy reading and sort of look up to as blogging idols, which of course is a whole other can of worms). I’ll admit I’ve been fairly quiet (aside from two times where I actually got talking a good bit, comparatively), and I’m not of the rank to edit my note to say what blogger I am, so I’m not sure anyone even knows who I am, but everyone’s still been as friendly as can be and I’ve really enjoyed it, and there’s this whole atmosphere there that is very unique of the guilds I’ve been in, which is probably part and parcel of SAN’s charm and I absolutely love it. (If anyone’s wondering, yes, there also was much “why was I so nervous, that wasn’t hard, these people are awesome” after I actually got in regarding my hesitation to ask for an invite).

I also officially have an alt there, though she isn’t guilded, and she’s another paladin which makes me 2 for 2 on what I’ve got there. One of my friends wanted to actually join me over there so we got him an account (and keys, so he didn’t go through the initial hassle I did), and I rolled up a baby paladin to level with him, who I originally planned to leave to sit after we caught him up to my first paladin but I’m growing fond of her and may just keep the second one tied to his toons and level Amanielei separate (also, boo on all my usual names being taken, and my having a lack of creativity when it comes to names). To that random mage we ran across in the starting area who ended up joining our party who was totally in character the whole time (even in /party): You are awesome and to me represent a reason I’m quickly growing so fond of this server and for that I love you.

Back across the pond…

At first when I went over to EU I’d stopped playing US much at all, and my friends are slowly leaving (one of them’s left permanently and not just for Cataclysm, was a sad moment when he was giving away his stuff), though I’ve found reason to play there again, even if it’s not as much as before (and it’s not the AH this time, either, shockingly). On a completely related note, I have rediscovered my adoration for warrior tanking (at least semi-low level).

If anyone remembers (I hate to bring this up if not, but it’s a loose end that needs tying), one of the main things that made everything sort of fall apart on WrA was our raid leader/main tank/several-class-lead transferring one toon off to another realm to play with different friends, then ending up liking it better there and not coming back. He also at the time basically said “screw off, I don’t want to talk to you anymore” to me, then proceeded to prove it, which I still really… don’t understand… and probably never will, because he did end up talking to me again and before long was acting like it never happened. If I didn’t know better, in fact, I’d say it’d been all a dream, but alas… Regardless (and however possibly foolish on my part), he was my best friend and despite however much that stick up his bum ended up hurting the rest of us, I’m back to playing with him and hanging out.

He’d transferred off to a PvP realm and had been doing battlegrounds, and at one point he and a prot paladin defended… something, against fairly large numbers, and he got really excited about it and talked about it, voiced idle wishes of having a pocket tank for things like that, and… Well, I have a huge soft spot for PvP, so I tentatively voiced I may end up transferring Mani until Cataclysm or something to play with him. He liked the idea so we agreed on that, until a better idea came. As we were going through our many alts trying to figure out who sounded best (we didn’t feel like our 80s at the time, and I’d actually been wanting to level another toon with him, because the leveling process with a partner is actually one of the big things I enjoy in the game), we settled on my little 24 prot warrior and his 23 holy priest.

And because I hadn’t played prot in so long, I really… had no idea what buttons did. I mean, technically, yes, I did, but at first the finger memory was gone, and I was way too hesitant to go into a dungeon like that and make other people put up with me relearning on the fly (likely at their expense, I thought). This girl also had zero keybindings, whereas on Kas when I played her, everything I used was key-bound, and I knew exactly what to push, when, at what sounds and where… There’s actually still a video somewhere of me tanking Blood Furnace at level on her when I was completely asleep, because everything was just… instinct. I knew I didn’t have that on Cele again yet, so I requested we go into a battleground to let me regain my bearings (I knew it wouldn’t be the same as going into a dungeon to relearn since PvP and PvE are different critters, but I figured it’d help me relearn, at the very least, situational awareness in a hectic environment so that I’d be more comfortable in a PUG even if I did horribly at first).

So we ended up in Warsong Gulch, which he and I normally aren’t very fond of. Being a healer/tank combo, we decided to defend, and… did wonderfully. My muscle memory came back within the first fight and surprisingly not so much the keybindings this time as instinctively knowing which button did what and hitting the right buttons for that, even though they were different than on Kas. We won 3-0 and he and I actually had a blast which is rare for WSG, normally we find it rather boring compared to the other battlegrounds, and I realized just how much I missed PvProt (which was something I did a lot on Kas in the spare time I got on her while leveling, back before there was experience in BGs). So I volunteered that maybe I should just level Cele and transfer her instead of Mani, and he went for the idea, wanting to level his priest with her and transfer him later on when I did her, and that’s the plan as it stands even now.

And now they are… Somewhere over thirty, blast if I can remember the levels exactly. Thirty-two, I believe, but I’m likely wrong (did I mention it was a long weekend?), and we’ve been leveling through dungeons, though we may go into BGs a bit once we’re at least ‘5, maybe as late as ‘8, because it’s a whole lot of fun, as long as you’re not, you know, getting knocked over and beaten by your enemy’s horse’s tail hair because you are so underlevel for the BG. Tanking a dungeon when you know your healer as well as yourself… Wow, I’d forgotten how fun that is. It’s fun when I’m healing and he’s tanking, too, but there’s a certain rush when I’m tanking, and he’s bouncing around in boredom and pulling extras for me, or running into the next room to tank the boss, and such. Yes, we’re crazy, but we’ve played together so long we know how the other will react possibly more than we know how we ourselves will act, and there’s a level of trust there that allows us to do really stupid stuff. Like pulling all of Scarlet Monastery’s graveyard in one go when you only have one AOE dps and you’re probably not as geared as you should be. Or once we get there, standing down at the steps of ZF tanking the whole thing at once. Or just going to the back of the last boss in Gnomer to DPS while the he, the holy priest (now disc), tanks (at least until the knockback).

Though I feel sort of sorry for Emere (he’s the friend who came with me to EU, too!), since he came with us for a few runs on his rogue. We chain pull… everything. And have huge groups. He doesn’t get any AOE until 75. And while he had decent numbers when it was single target, you could almost hear his epeen deflating during the vast amounts of AOE pulls. To the point he started crippling the first elite he saw when I started pulling and just solo’d it while we killed the rest.

I fear this isn’t the blog you’re looking for

I think I might’ve sorely misled some poor fellow or two when I ended up posting something directly centered around PvP a while back. It was something that was on my mind at the time that I’d wanted to sort of rant about, and I stand behind it still today, but it’s not exactly heavy on tactics (well, I guess it is, but it’s not like, a guide or anything), it’s not a way to succeed at PvP, it was more… This is why this tactic doesn’t work, if anything, which I guess could help you win in combination with other things but far from on its own, and this blog certainly isn’t a PvP blog, not by a long shot, and I’d figured that part at least obvious.

So I was surprised when I looked at my dashboard today to see this:

If you were looking for a guide, this is not the place to find it, good sir/madame!

July 22, 2010

Updates, updates

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Let me in, let me in, Euro-Blizz!

Well, I finally got an email today back from Euro-Blizz about my first account. They didn’t say anything about why it was banned, though it is apparently now unbanned, and I’ve got a free day of playtime as an ‘apology’ of sorts I suppose. At least, that’s what I understand from it. Here it is in all its short glory:

Hello [my name],

Thank you for your email and apologies for the delay. We have granted your account with 24 hours of additional playtime following your ban issue.

Should you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Blizzard Entertanment Europe

Julia J.

Hell, It’s About Time – July 27, 2010 :
Our StarCraft II Customer Support FAQ is regularly updated with new information and tips:

 My actual inquiry followed it, of course, but I won’t bother anyone with having to read that. I’m guessing it was just an oversight or some other issue that probably shouldn’t have existed that caused the ban, but I’m not going back to that account at this point anyway, since, well…

In my stubbornness, I’d kept reading and looking for some way, since I know it’s possible, there’s a lot of people who do it, and successfully, I’ve seen where blues actually troubleshoot on how to do it… and, in the end, it seems I found a way. One of the pieces of advice I kept finding, given it was for XP and not Vista, was to create a new user account on my computer, which I did. And I installed EU WoW in a way so that it’s accessible to that account alone, and changed US WoW so that it was accessible only by my other account, and neither could interact in any way without administrator privileges. The other thing I did, or well, one other thing, was went ahead and paid for a battle chest, which is Vanilla WoW and BC both. If I still had problems, at least now I’d have a danged CD key so I could go about it right. I also, since I could roll a paladin now, rolled one.. instead of rolling troll like I’d done on the two attempts previously.

I’m not sure what exactly has made the difference, but this account has been active for over a day now, and I’m proud to say I have a level 11 paladin now, halfway to level 12. So whatever it is, it worked, and I’m having a blast… without even actually having played with anyone else yet, actually. There’ve been many times where I wished I’d had a partner like I usually do, but for the most part I’m enjoying bumbling around doing things at my own pace how I want to do them without a care in the world. It’s a freedom I haven’t had in quite a long time that I hadn’t been aware how sorely I’d missed it.

Also, I’ll have to admit, the realm has… surprised me. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, but I didn’t expect, you know, this. If I didn’t know any better I’d think I was still on WrA, just… better. I actually had to check to make sure I was on EU servers and not US ones at one point. I guess maybe I was expecting more people who didn’t seem like fluent speakers of English, and that it’d be more broken over global channels, or that I’d feel like some sort of odd man out or something and that it’d be painstakingly obvious I was an American, an imposter if you will, but… no, no, nothing like that has happened so far. There’s actually been chatter over General, and it’s been completely understandable, if not even more so than on WrA. I was really impressed that… people here spell out “okay.” It’s not “ok,” or “kk,” or some such, not even the, I suppose, more appropriate, “OK,” but… “okay.” It’s the small things in life, as they say.

I’ve already been sort of.. okay, outright.. squeeing to a couple friends about it, to the point one’s already stated a preliminary “no I’m not joining you.” I mean… Well, the realm’s an RP realm like WrA is, so I expected maybe some roleplay, but definitely not to the extent there’s been. My experiences with roleplay realms before this, well… I’ll only count two of the three. There’s WrA, where there’s a little bit of bad RP, a decent chunk of good RP, but for the most part it can be… a bit scarce, if you don’t know where to look. The other realm was Farstriders, where… Well, honestly, I never saw a lick of roleplay aside from the couple of small exchanges that happened between my guildies in an RP guild. It seemed more like a normal server than Velen (an actual Normal server) had been. But here… I’ve already seen so much RP, just.. in random places across the starter areas. I’ve probably seen more RP going on here in a couple days than I have on WrA in a month, and what snippets I’ve caught are actual… quality RP. Or at least not blaringly bad.

Another big pro for me: I have yet to leave Eversong General on the new realm. On WrA it can give the stereotypical Barrens chat competition. I’ve been known to leave it quicker than I leave Trade (and I usually leave Trade upon entering cities). It’s not that it’s quiet, though there’s large chunks of time where it has been… But people so far have been civil, helpful, seemingly intelligent human beings. …This is new. This is wonderful and exciting and I think I’m in love.

Of course there’s a large part of me telling myself this is just a, err, “honeymoon phase” and that in no time I’ll be clawing my hair out and begging to go back to US because all the pricks will be crawling out of the woodworks. Which is possible. WrA seemed like heaven after I came back after the drama that happened on Velen but it only took a couple months to start seeing the underside of it. Granted, it’d usually been worth sticking through it until lately…

While back on Wyrmrest…

Hoo, boy. Not sure exactly where to start. Not that there’s a lot more drama or what-have-you, just that it’s all sort of a jumbled mess in my head.

Apparently our raid assist is creating a guild with an old friend on another realm, though still staying on WrA in case we need him for now. He’s really hurt by all this, and I don’t blame him, after all he’s gone through and done for TL only for it to turn out like this.

And it seems Silv and Emere ended up talking last night with Silv giving me a rundown of it this morning, and it seems that they both are just… extremely tired of WoW, at this point. I can’t blame them, really, since I’ve been… well, we’ve all been fairly burnt out for a while, to varying degrees, and pushing through for one reason or another. At this point it seems they’re both just really waiting on FFXIV to hit, and SCII for Silv as well, though he’s still going to try to see if he can get the guild we were sort of allied with ready to strike out on their own before he’s done. I’ll likely join him if I can make the raid times, since he’s currently working on getting every raider who’ll be attending’s schedule and work out one that fits best for their sort of, eh, training raids I suppose.

Beyond all that, however much I hate to say it, especially so soon after we were trying to start up again, but it looks like TL’s about done, at least as we were. We lost a lot when Ith left, and while talking and trying to figure out how best and where to go from here, it’s just kind of… None of us really have the motivation or the will, at this point. We’re not paying to do a job, or not supposed to be, but that’s exactly what we’ve been doing… and to an extent, that’s what any good guild leadership does, I think… but not to this extent. When it’s this hard on not one but every person in power in the guild, it just becomes this soul-sucking parasite that we’re paying for, and that’s not right, and the guild would just suffer in the long run.

July 21, 2010

If it isn’t one thing…

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H’okay… Fair warning, this post may not be the most understandable since I’m writing about this the night it happened. Also if you don’t recognize the start of what I was saying in the title, the whole phrase is “If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.”

I was hit with something… pretty huge tonight. For anyone who’s kept up with my blog, you probably know that our main tank and raid leader, Ithraen, has been away from the game for a while due to a vacation. Well, let me give you a better idea of the timeline of things we’re looking at so things make a bit more sense.

  • We’re informed that one of Ith’s real life friends will be paying for a transfer for one of his toons, since he’s trying to get all of his friends to play on one server.
  • He’s taking one of the toons he never uses, and keeping all the ones he does play on WrA there, including his main, Ithraen.
  • He promises us this is only a “sometime” thing, that WrA will still be his main server, that this will not affect the guild in any noticeable way.
  • Shortly after, we find out the same friend is paying to take Ith on a group trip to NY for a week, the same week TL was supposed to be doing our “comeback” raid. All in all, no real issue, we understand taking a vacaton, etc..
  • About a day before he was supposed to be heading home, I find out he will in fact be there another week, for a total of two.
  • I lose all contact with him for the following week.
  • He finally comes back but I don’t know until a couple days later where my other officers are asking, what’s going on, because he apparently had signed onto the toon to be transferred to check mail then transferred with just a “just checking mail, transferring servers, bye” sort of message.
  • No contact for a couple days after that.
  • Finally have contact at the 3 week gone mark, says he’s been busy, which is totally understandable, and heck, I’ve been busy myself so no harm done. However apparently he’s busy on the new server with said friends, and overall talking very little (which is extremely odd even when he is busy, because he and I usually talk a lot no matter what’s going on).
  • Throughout the course of the conversation it comes up that he won’t be on WrA soon because of things going on on the new server, and that we need to replace him because he “doesn’t have time to commit to raiding.”

Now, we’d stalled pretty much all of our raids while we were waiting on him to return. For him to promise that the server change and whatnot would not interfere with the guild and that we wouldn’t notice him being gone, then leave us hanging for three weeks, only to tell us that he doesn’t have time for us afterall, because of the server change? Well, in my opinion, that’s pretty low. The added few blows that came were personal and resulted in me rolling a new toon elsewhere and just grinding out mindlessly for several hours and considering a ‘vacation’ of sorts myself just to get away from everything.

I’ll be honest, when it happened I didn’t want to bother anymore. I wanted to pass the guild on or something and be gone–to the point I’d looked to see if my toons were up for free server changes and when they weren’t, looked to see how much it’d be. I didn’t want to bother trying to find a new main tank, much less try to find a raid leader, and class leader for several classes, and I really didn’t want to bother doing any of it right after losing my best friend. To be perfectly honest, I still don’t, but we aren’t left with much choice, and thanks to Alas I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel yet afterall.

July 20, 2010

Briefly on the addon debate

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So I was reading this over at Righteous Orbs a bit ago and was originally planning to comment but there are just so many comments already and I’ve got a little OCD thing where I usually need to read every comment that’s already there before adding my own into the mix, and I’m half-scared some of the things I’m wanting to say are going to be gone by the time I’m done reading, and since my thoughts (so far) are fairly lengthy, figure I’ll just go ahead and post here while I’m thinking about it.

Now the major debate seems to be addons vs no addons. I’m like a lot of other people; I thought actually, you know, arguing about this and what-have-you had been settled long ago in favor of whatever lets you as an individual play best, and I’ve seen plenty at both ends of the spectrum. Heck, I’ve been at both ends of the spectrum.

Starting with no-addons, a prime example would be the shaman I leveled my warrior with from early 40s on to 80. He was PUGing ToC as soon as it came out while the rest of TL was still stuck in Naxx. He played with zero addons, and didn’t need anymore. And yeah, sure, while he had a sort of, eh, attitude about it at times, and I don’t think that many people who grumbled about it actually knew this, he had tried. While he’d tell the raid he didn’t need things like DBM, he’d admit one-on-one that he had to learn to go without it because his computer and DBM didn’t get along; he’d tried a couple times downloading it, and even once more per my urging, and it just borked his computer. He didn’t have much choice in the matter so he learned to play without addons, and was still an excellent player with or without, whether he was healing or DPSing.

As most people likely know, personally, I do use addons, and the chat mods are, for me, all but necessary. I recently tried playing on the EU realms as is semi-documented in my last post; I had no addons whatsoever. Sure, I played fine, but I couldn’t read a lick of the chat if you paid me unless you paid me enough for like, eye surgery to fix’em, or something. I could tell you what color the blurry lines were, sure, but that’s about it.

Healing addons specifically, I’d leveled Mani (my holydin) with none. I also had no mouse at that point aside from my touchpad on my laptop which was going out towards the end, as well, so predictably I used my keyboard almost exclusively. I didn’t need addons, at least, not for 5-mans. I even did her first raid, if you’d call it that (I’d been DPSing on Adu in VoA10, we needed a pinch more heals on Emalon or whoever the fire boss is, so I switched over), with no healing addons, though I had to switch my methods by a decent amount. But I did it, and honestly? I was pretty quick, just a touch under the efficiency I’ve got now with my healing addons and setup, because I was used to it. It’s what I’d always done, and by the time I even hit Northrend I didn’t even really need to look at the bars on the left. I’d have floating blue and green bars in front of me, and after I looked at the beginning of the instance to see which bar belonged to which name and which f-number, I’d be set. I’d see a bar in front of my going down and my fingers would automatically hit the f-key for that person and they’d be getting a heal. If anything, in 5-mans I’m now slower with my addons, but that very well could be because I’m still not that used to them.

However, I do love my addons, now that I’ve got them. I am at times less efficient than I had been, but a lot of the time it tells me what I want to see, what I need to know, quicker than I was able to do before, and it’s just a failure on my part on processing and reacting, than it is the fault of the addon. Once I’ve got as much time using these under my belt as I had using my keyboard, I’m all but guaranteed to be more efficient. But, it is a matter of time, and of personal choice. As long as I’m still able to play without them were they to break, and as long as I’m efficient enough with either, I see no issue, and I don’t see why anyone else does, either.

July 19, 2010

Why, euro-blizz, why do you hate me so

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As a bit of a, er, preamble I suppose, I’ve been tempted about having two WoW accounts for a good couple of years now; and I don’t just mean two US ones, since I do have that already though one’s frozen since I didn’t play it much at the time, but a US one and an EU one. I’ve had many friends over on the EU servers, one of which especially who tried to get me to play over there so that I could play with him, but at the time we didn’t figure my computer/internet could handle the latency (since I am located in the US), so instead he ended up getting a US client and US copies of the game. I’ve been tempted several times since, especially because of the SAN over there since several of my favorite bloggers are in the EU, and because I finally had a bit of downtime today (yay insomnia?) and have a computer/internet connection that should be capable of it… I somehow ended up over on the EU site, creating an account, and downloading the trial.

I’d planned to see just what kind of latency I’d be looking at exactly before making any further plans, much less, you know, spending money on something I might not even be able to use. Well, apparently the trial version streams the data needed live, or something, so there’s a lot more, ah, stress on it than on a full client? I’m not entirely sure since those messages sort of, well, confused me a bit… but I ended up getting DC’d a few times and having general problems with logging in, but I finally managed that, then finally managed to make a character before it DC’d me, named her and whatnot, finally got into the game…

Level 1 went… fairly smoothly, actually. I’d made a warrior, pretty much a mini-Kas, fitting since she was my second character and the name of my first was taken (/cry). The lag was surprisingly minimal, I had good FPS, and my latency was actually lower than on WrA. Not sure how that happened, but eh, I wasn’t complaining. Was actually starting to think I might just use the EU account as a way to sort of wind down  instead of Bejeweled or Chuzzle or Solitaire like I currently do, and that I might actually play it enough to make it worth paying for.

And… Ding, level 2!

Wait, disconnected? Bah.

I put in my information again and hit login, and… What? I’m banned? What the hell for?!

I couldn’t think of a single thing that could ban me that I could find, though maybe I’m just blind or so out of it that I just missed it, but I don’t know. I was on the EU client it gave me, my information was accurate, I didn’t even have any addons or the like, I’d not said a single word or done anything that would get me banned, unless just… playing from the US is a bannable offense, all of a sudden? Though I can’t imagine it would be since I know of many others that do it, did a few searches and couldn’t find anything aside from forum posts that were just ‘how to’s,’ and apparently some people had even called Billing Support to be able to pay but had no other problems, much less a ban for it.

I supposedly have an email in my inbox stating why I was banned. I did not, and I do not. I went to the link I was supposed to and to the form from there that I was directed to if I didn’t get such an email, but, of course!, it required a CD key to inquire properly. Now, why would I have a CD key when not an hour earlier I’d just created the account to try it?

I ended up selecting “other” and described the situation in the space provided, and, fingers-crossed, that will do the trick. Maybe it was just an accident or something and everything will be cleared up soon, maybe I did scan over something crucial, I don’t know but I’m hoping to find out soon (assuming the next email doesn’t get lost somewhere, too, at least…).

As for Tattered Legends, no I haven’t quit there, or anything. Though I’ll admit I’ve been slacking a bit due to real life issues not giving me much time at all to even login or touch the computer most days until yesterday. However I’m back on, spent a good chunk of time on there last night, likely will again tonight and (hopefully) start getting things going again. Though there’s still the problem of the missing raid leader/main tank, unfortunately, even though he seems to be home again, just… out of touch, or something. Heck if I know, hardly anyone’s heard from him in days, and we may end up needing to get a replacement at this rate, but for now we’re working on getting the group geared and one of my officers is pushing for us to progress starting through Naxx instead of Uld as planned, and he’ll be leading that, so we’ll cross that hurdle when we come to it seeing as we have a couple tanks capable of tanking Naxx at least.

I just hope we’re not still in Naxx come Cataclysm, since trying to “progress” through Naxx is one of the things that seemed to do us in last go around, but at this point it’s either give in or lose my last raid leader and one of our main raid healers/our only priest… And I’m not sure which would be the worst way to kill TL.

Edit: Still no email from Euro-Blizz (what, was I expecting them to be quick about it? silly me), so I found something to do in the mean time. Sort of. I hadn’t been aware that I can have both EU and US accounts on the same, well, account. At least, the same account. So I read through everything all over again more thoroughly this time before adding a EU trial to my current account, should be in the clear… And after fighting with the installer for around 30 minutes, got that going, I’ve now technically got both (full!) clients installed, though the first of the patches for EU is at, uh.. *looks* 11%. …That could take a while. Starting to think this could be a perfect time to get around to reading one of my new…ish… books I picked up but haven’t had a chance to read yet.

July 12, 2010

Rambling thoughts about writing in the meantime or the possibility thereof

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Warning: Rambliness that may not make much sense incoming.

So, right now I am WoW-less. I’ve actually been WoW-less since the day the RealID debacle occurred, though they are… mostly completely unrelated. It actually started a couple days or so before that went down; over a couple days my latency slowly started rising. It’d go up from what was, usually, 200-400, to over 500… Eventually on over 5,000… Then the day or so before I ended up WoW-less, it was around 50,000. Then the disconnects started happening… and at first I’d be able to login, play a for a little bit in slowly decreasing amounts, then get disconnected again. The night the RealID shit hit the fan, ironically also the day I’d gotten my authenticator attached to my account, the disconnects were almost unbearable. I’d get on for maybe 5 seconds then get disconnected. Before the night was over, I couldn’t get past the loading screen before disconnected. Within a day I wasn’t able to make it to the loading screen, and by now I can’t even make it to the character selection screen. The dialogs are basically, “Connecting… Success! You have been disconnected.”

Now, the part where it relates to RealID, is because thanks to all of that I have been sort of bummed out on WoW as a whole. I was able to deal with not having WoW fairly well, despite knowing I needed to be on for various reasons from dailies to my mail that’s about to expire to setting up raids to putting them on the calendar to attending the raids to finally getting the guild bank contents back (again) and needing to sort them into tabs to… just normal, every day guild master/player stuff. Though I’m starting to want back in now and… still can’t, which really sucks… and likely won’t be able to until tonight if I’m lucky after I call my internet provider, since it isn’t just WoW but my internet itself.

Unfortunately I’m left with overall little to do, not just WoW, but even all of my friends, I can’t really talk to right now. I was able to get on facebook for a few minutes earlier today before my connection dropped out, but my friends were all offline or asleep… And a lot of the conversations with the friends I talk to on MSN have been cut out, or all about WoW or such which… isn’t really what I want to discuss at those times much less be the equivalent of getting my arse chewed off because I can’t get on and do X,Y,Z or whatever. I know theoretically I could just call some of them or text or something, which texting I would normally resort to next (talking on the phone isn’t really my thing, you see), but right now that’s quite a pain in the arse considering my fingers aren’t the most, er, stable on a touchscreen phone due to some of the medication I’m on to get rid of the infection I’ve gotten, and even if I were to talk I’ve been told from the one person I’ve talked to that my voice is rather, ah… mumbly and mostly unintelligible.

That leaves me with mostly only things I can do by myself, so I’ve been playing a lot of games I’ve gotten through gamehouse, but those don’t really do the trick. Gives my mind too much time to wander around in thought which gets me daydreaming which either gets me sleeping or, as it is currently, gets me wanting to write. But I haven’t the faintest clue, really, what to write about.

I’ve got a couple stories floating about that I’ve ended up abandoning because I, well, basically lost all motivation to write on them and/or forgot the plot entirely… so those don’t seem the best option unless I want to completely rewrite them and hope I remember where I was going on them in the first place. I don’t have much of an idea to start a new story, just, well, an urge to write something, be creative somehow, if that makes sense to anyone else. I know writing something about/set in WoW could always be an option, and works for people such as Tam with his I, Gerald story, as well as several others, but I’ve never really seen the point there (despite regularly RPing in WoW, and I know that’s essentially the same thing just with multiple people writing, but for whatever reason there’s a distinction, some sort of wall, between RPing in WoW and actually writing WoW fanfiction, in my mind). So I seem to be fairly fresh out of ideas/options.

Does anyone else out there ever have these moments? Don’t know what to write about, but still want to write? What do you do when that hits? Anyone have any suggestions, or options or ideas of what to write about or something to do? Thanks for any feedback! 🙂

/Crosses fingers, hits publish

July 8, 2010

RealID is a Real Threat

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I know I’m probably coming fairly late into this party, but I wasn’t going to torture anyone with trying to write up a post while I was half-zonked out, so eventually I managed to pull myself away from watching the train wreck that is Blizzard’s latest announcements to get some sleep.

Now, I know that there is already hundreds of posts about their RealID on the forums changes, and I’ll get to that, but first I’m going to talk about something that I’ve seen getting thrown under the wagon a bit by said change.

Apparently, there is a huge flaw with RealID in the game, in that if you have it enabled at all (just deleting your friends won’t deal with this, either, my friends have had to say we’re our own parents just to turn on parental controls to disable this feature), anyone smart enough to run a piece of code, or who uses any of a certain number of addons, you can have your full name shown to anyone who cares to look, without knowledge and without permission.

This is not a joke. This is real. And it’s a real problem.

For anyone who didn’t click that last link or doesn’t want to bother going through to find what he’s talking about, here’s a direct link to the quoted. And I’m going to quote it for good measure.

This isn’t the only interesting news to come out today.

Apparently there are select of certain addons you can use to find out people’s names NOW, before the forum conversion.

Step 1: get a trial account, and addon that lets you use this exploit in aformentioned article.

Step 2: Go to google and get the person’s information that would normally need for billing support (ie, address, phone number, etc)

Step 3: Call blizzard billing and tell them you lost your login information

Step 4: Attempt to login, find out that they have an authenticator.

Step 5: call Billing again, give them the billing information again and ask them to take the authenticator off the account.

Step 6: login

Step 7: ??????????

Step 8: Profit!

Now, I can’t vouch for how easy it’d be to get an authenticator removed, but realistically how many people out there have one attached, still? Not a horribly large amount, I’m sure. I also know if you are polite enough and have all the information you need off the account, Blizz can and will bend over backwards at times, because I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes. That rule about not being able to transfer toons between accounts with different names? Doesn’t always stand, for example. Of course, there was a good reason for it to be done in the case I’d been witness to, but to the best of my knowledge they had no corroboration that the caller was telling the truth and couldn’t get such, and how many would-be hackers can come up with a decent, plausible lie in the spur of the moment? I’d imagine quite a large number likely could.

I know this method has also been done. I linked one above, who was our raid assist who got hacked not that long ago. Though we finally did get out stuff back in about a week. But he’d been fairly careful with his information and such, and while he didn’t have the authenticator yet, the most plausible way is the one above. The same goes for Ithraen.

And yes, Ithraen, our main tank and our raid leader, got hacked while he was on vacation. He hadn’t even been online in 5 days. He found out because he gets email notifications on his phone, and he apparently got banned out of nowhere for 72 hours for money trading. Again, he hadn’t been on, hadn’t had time to get on, and didn’t have a wifi connection to get on… He, too, had been careful. His screwup that allowed him to get hacked? He had RealID turned on.

So that’s two people out of what’s actually a relatively small number of people that I talk to regularly, that I know have been hacked, that this is the most likely way that they did get hacked; needless to say the rest of us have already turned off RealID via parental controls.

For anyone who doesn’t think this is really possible… Yes, yes, it is. You really can get all that information from just someone’s name. People have already done it. Bashiok, a blue, gave out his name in what I understand was a good faith measure, that it wouldn’t give away anything… Only to have his privacy severely violated. There’s a post floating around where someone just picked a random name from credits and found out a lot about him. My friend had me search to see how much and of what I could pull up about them from going on just their name, and while my googlefu skills are decent, they aren’t the best. I pulled up everything I needed to stalk them, just about everything I needed to impersonate them to Blizzard, and if I’d paid just a few dollars I could’ve had what was needed to steal their identity. I could do it with another friend–who has been careful to safeguard all of his information–just because his family is on the internet and not as safe as him about their information.

How many people have a friend or family member or old classmate or even a teacher through the years who knows something about them? How many of them have ever been on the internet, or have had photos posted, or have facebooks, or something? If that number is even one, then the chances are high that there is information online about you, whether you post it or not, that can usually be found for free. Even if it can’t be found for free, it all can be bought.

Now, if all of that can be done from only your name through a flaw in game, where there’s only a limited number of people who can see it, even with the addon… How much bigger is that window of risk, when it’s involving anyone who searches the new Blizzard forums (which are public)? And as those adds always say… Do you know who is searching for you?

This is not paranoia. This is real. This is a threat. All of those comments on the forums, from the few people I’ve seen supporting the RealID change, one of their biggest arguments is “you’re not that important.” Sure. Maybe you aren’t. To them.

Our raid assist wasn’t important to many people but us. He wasn’t even the kind to make any enemies, even if Ithraen is. He’s been a victim. Ithraen’s been a victim. Hell, I’m a nobody and I’ve been stalked twice through my years playing WoW for reasons I don’t even know and probably couldn’t grasp.

You don’t have to be important. You just have to be there and you can be a target.

This is all aside from the fact that it is all too easily to be important to someone. You don’t have to be important to the world, even if you aren’t a target. You just have to be a target for one person. This would be a good time for a link to that Counterstrike story. The person who stabbed the other in a game wasn’t terribly important… But that one act, that one moment, made him important to someone. And that someone decided to track this person down and seek revenge, for that stabbing in a game, by stabbing them in real life.

For the other comments, no, it doesn’t have to be everyone. I don’t think much of anyone’s thinking that the whole of World of Warcraft will be slaughtered by one person who dislikes PvP, or something. But it doesn’t have to be. Just one person is more than enough… One single person is too much.

So, obviously, this is a threat. Even just the security flaw in game, while only now used for hackers, is a threat, and now Blizzard is trying to carry over this threat from the people on your server to everyone capable of using the internet. You can turn a blind eye all you want, bury your head in the sand… but it doesn’t make it go away. If an 18-wheeler is barreling down the road and you’re standing in the middle of said road, it doesn’t matter if you close your eyes and pretend you’re in the middle of a forest, that 18-wheeler is still there and still coming straight at you. You still need to get the heck out of its way whether you pretend it’s not there or not, because that doesn’t change reality. And if that 18-wheeler manages to stop before it hits you, that doesn’t mean you should advocate that everyone should stand in the middle of the road instead of getting out of the way, because while you may be lucky… That doesn’t mean everyone is.

And now it’s time for me to link, because there are so many aspects to all of this I don’t even know where I’d start on my own, and I’d probably just mangle their pretty wording.

Why would Blizzard do something like this? Perhaps Korean law is behind it.

Maybe it’s just another thing to add to the list of their history and another peg on BNet 2.0.

Well, here’s Hitler’s take on it all.

Here’s something on it from WoW Insider.

World of Matticus talks about it in a rational, is somewhat disagreeable at points, manner.

Here’s a post over at Big Bear Butt that I rather like on it.

Another post over at Empowered Fire that I liked and agree with.

Here’s a post at Broken Toys about it, and he does us the service of linking in said post to his previous post on RealID when it first came out, which a good though longer read this this 2-liner.

There was a rumor that while we would have our names shown, Blizzard in fact would not, and here WoW Insider gets some facts on that.

Here’s a Spinksville post on it all. Aaand here’s another, with a ton of links from things she’s found herself.

And finally here’s a post from good ol’ Chastity on it over at Righteous Orbs, and this is actually the first post I read about all of this going down.

July 4, 2010

A partial week in the life

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So this week was supposed to be the big come-back week for TL and all, but things have… Deeefinitely not gone as planned. For many reasons. Here’s a glimpse of why:

Sunday – Find out Ithraen, who is our raid leader, will be taking a sudden trip to New York in about 3 days. For a week. May or may not have internet access, though it seemed likely that he would.

Monday – Our raid assist is hacked. Almost everything is now missing from Tattered Legend’s guild bank, though thankfully our secondary bank was spared. Unfortunately all our feasts, flasks, etc are now gone. Put on hold the heroics spamming we were doing to help gear people up to do damage control.

Tuesday – Our raid assist gets his account back though things are still missing, and he doesn’t have enough gear to go. We start an ‘action plan’ that would have him geared enough to raid with us by raid time, only for Ithraen to bail for personal reasons, which left us with little option for gearing him in time. Queue about two hours of personal freaking out because for that time his hunter was the only person with the key to Malygos (who was the weekly). Not long before raid time I find out our main healer also has a key–yay, the raid is saved. Except then everyone’s late. Aaand we can’t down the boss. Queue discussions, and canceling of this week’s Ulduar runs in favor of heroic runs instead.

Wednesday – I end up spending a good chunk of the day offline, but make a point before getting on to start making “to do” lists again so that I can (hopefully) be more organized. Things start getting checked off exceedingly slowly (for example, I had planned a post for like.. Thursday at most). Get on and… heroics don’t happen.

Thursday & Friday – Again, spend most of these two days offline dealing with things in real life. By the time I got home Friday I also took time out of my schedule to start clearing out some of my heavily backlogged emails (up to about 2,000 unread since I have a bad habit of reading just the most important ones and leaving the rest to deal with “later”… and of course, later never comes). I’d subscribed myself some time in the past, little more than a year ago, actually, to several WoW email lists, mainly pertaining to different ways to get gold. Most of these have stopped giving tips and started “Oh, you need this guide, or that one, hey there’s a sale on this one!” and I usually just ignore them, but… I ended up clicking the link on one that gave away a free sort of ‘mini-guide’, which I ended up downloading, and… it actually gave good tips, including one that I’d discovered for myself about a month into Wrath and had never seen posted anywhere, as well as a tip pertaining only to RP servers, which I also never see. And since this one was on “sale” (I never believe they’re really on sale or going to hack the prices up since I’ve seen these falsely so many other times, but it was still a good..ish… price), I went ahead and bit the bullet, and got it. Of course, the money-back guarantee if I don’t so much as like the font helps. Start redownloading a couple recommended addons that I’d fallen out of using but used to have, as well as a new one that I’d only skimmed over before and had missed the utility in it, and trying to configure them and start scanning as well as read more of the guide. This ends up taking up most of my night.

Saturday – I had many things scheduled in reality as well as there was supposed to be Naxx at 4pm server, and ended up getting an.. extremely.. late start. I’d had alarms set to alert me when I needed to be on to start getting ready for Naxx (starting at 1 hour and 15 minutes before the start time) and they all failed me. Miserably so. Again. And so I didn’t get on until 2 hours after Naxx was supposed to start, to find out… Our raid leader who is now in New York but had promised to be able to make Naxx at least if at all possible had not even shown up, and hadn’t bothered to sign in for 3 days. So, of course, Naxx never happened. We’d also planned to sort of ‘test’ everyone in Naxx to see if we were up to Uld or maybe take another stab at Maly on Sunday, however that… doesn’t look like it’s happening, given that we didn’t do Naxx.

So now it’s Sunday and it doesn’t look good for getting a raid in tonight or… possibly even much going next week, at this rate, beyond possibly heroics which I am hoping for at the least. Thankfully, we’re working with an extremely patient group who are seemingly just happy for the learning environment and the chance, so it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting the flak there like I’d expected, though that doesn’t stop me from beating myself up over failing them, or my guild. And regardless of whether anyone else views it as a failure, not being able to pull everything together seemingly perfectly (and, oh, I do know that will never happen, but I know it can look that way to people who don’t know what goes into it and such), not being able to at least get us raiding somehow, or get something organized going without falling through the floor… I view that as a failure on my part.

Maybe I’m just impatient and wanting things to go perfectly from the get-go, or something. I know we have a lot of potential here despite being completely displeased with how things are going and at what rate (though I was one of the first during Maly to point out we were making significant progress with each attempt, and to an extent that was good enough for me), and maybe I should just relax and not rush things. I don’t know. Maybe I just worry and stress too much, as a very good friend of mine who I’ve been sort of venting to and bouncing ideas off of is quick to say, and that very much may be true… and I very likely should start listening to him more rather than being bullheaded and stubborn and trying to do everything myself and make it perfect. I know I’ve got a lot of friends here who would do anything they could for the guild and I just write it off sometimes and try to do it myself, and I stress when I can’t be on like I want to, or think I need to, to do X or restock Y or talk to Z about N, even though real life should take priority and does over it. Or maybe this is all normal and I just need to ride it out.

Anyone else gone through any of this, or anything similar? Any thoughts, suggestions, comments… criticism, help? I know I’m not the best at this job, but I want to do right by my guild, and I know I don’t give the most details here, but… I think I could definitely use a bit of structuring to fit this role.

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