Where to find me

For anyone who wants to find and talk to me in-game or look me up on armory or whatever, here’s a… fairly… complete list of my toons. I won’t (usually) run away if you roll up and send me a random whisper, though expect much surprise and shyness on my end until I get a bit more comfortable with ya’.

Oh, and if you want to shoot an email at me at any point in time, you can also aim it here: kasu@live.com (yes, that’s also my Windows Live/Instant Messenger address, if you happen to have that little program and would prefer to seek out my shyness in real time rather than through simple email).

Also, there’s not too much order to this list, but basically my first account first, then my second, with WrA (most played on server) first, then my second most played, then in alphabetical order. My third account which is EU is listed at the end, same organization as the US realms.

First Account:

Wyrmrest Accord-US:

Aduial Level 80 Female Troll Hunter, MM/SV

Amaniel Level 80 Female Blood Elf Paladin, Holy/Prot

Andaer Level 18 Female Blood Elf Priest

Catori Level 13 Female Tauren Druid

Celesiabella Level 64 Female Undead Warrior, Prot (of course!)

Dessuithiel Level 24 Female Blood Elf Hunter, SV

Draugathiel Level 6 Female Troll Hunter

Kasumihotaru Level 80 Female Troll Warrior, Arms/Prot

Uruvion Level 53 Male Blood Elf Mage, Fire

Vilanaiel Level 68 Female Blood Elf Death Knight, Blood


Amaniel Level 61 Female Night Elf Death Knight, Blood

Cuiledhwen Level 8 Female Night Elf Druid

Dessuithiel Level 66 Female Draenei Paladin, Prot (though I think she’s some sort of ret right now)

Mercura Level 10 Female Draenei Priest


Aduial Level 2 Female Dwarf Warrior

Moon Guard-US:

Zarkaya Level 59 Female Troll Death Knight, Blood

Scarlet Crusade-US:

Dessuithiel Level 1 Female Blood Elf Hunter

Kasumihotaru Level 1 Female Troll Warrior


Erubadhriel Level 2 Female Blood Elf Priest


Aduial Level 6 Female Troll Hunter


Amaniel Level 6 Female Draenei Paladin

Beriadanwen Level 12 Female Human Paladin, Prot

Cuiledhwen Level 10 Female Night Elf Druid

Dessuithiel Level 22 Female Draenei Hunter

Falathiel Level 7 Female Tauren Hunter

Malphaas Level 2 Male Blood Elf Priest

Meldainiel Level 13 Female Night Elf Hunter

Mirima Level 6 Female Night Elf Druid

Thandiel Level 15 Female Blood Elf Paladin, Prot

Vanmoriel Level 55 Female Human Death Knight

Second Account

I’ll add in these guys later, since it’s not letting me view them without paying for the account, and I wouldn’t use it again quite yet, anyway…

Third Account

Argent Dawn-EU

Amanielei, Level 23 Female Blood Elf Paladin, Prot

Mendri, Level 13 Female Blood Elf Paladin, Prot


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